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Nasir al Molk,the Colorful Mosque of Shiraz

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About Nasir al Molk Mosque

Nasir Al molk mosque, Many tourists travel to Iran and Shiraz annually, and Shiraz tours have always been one of the most popular tours for both domestic and foreign tourists and in Iran tourism. One of the most famous sights of Shiraz is Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, which makes everyone’s light and color play in its atmosphere. Irandestination provides the best Tourism packages, Iran tours, Shiraz hotel to visit Iran.


Introducing Nasir al Molk Mosque

Nasir al Molk Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Shiraz, dating back to the Qajar period. The mosque is located in a place that belonged to the Qavam family earlier and a number of historical monuments of that era are located. Nowadays, this lovely mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, is one of the most popular places to visit Iran and Shiraz and has a great popularity between domestic and foreign tourists. Nasir al Molk mosque, also known as Pink mosque, Because of pink color tiles for its interior design, is a kind of traditional mosque in Shiraz, Iran.

History of Nasir al Molk Mosque

Nasir al Molk mosque was built by the order of Mirza Hassan Ali, known as Nasir al Molk, who was one of the elders of the Qajar dynasty. The architecture of the mosque has been the work of Muhammad Hassan as an architect. The construction period lasted about 12 years, from 1293 to 1305 ah. The infrastructure of the mosque is 2212 square meters and its area is 2980 square meters. Repair, maintenance and maintenance of this monument, the magnificent and valuable in compliance with international standards, the restoration of historical monuments, etc.This mosque was built during the Qajar area, by the order of Mirza Hasan Ali Nasir al molk, and it is designed by Mohammad Hasan e Memaar.

In the book of farsnameh Naseri you can see references to Nasir al Molk mosque:

for strength foundation and the stone plinth and stone columns., the nave and the lake (pond) and apron, like the mosque of Mushir al-Mulk and but is slightly bigger and some sold, it is added that on the merits, it added.

In the book of works of Al-Ajam, it refers to this mosque and described its spaces.

The mosque was registered in 1979 by the Iranian National Archaeological and Archaeological Association No. 396 on the list of Iranian national monuments.

nasiralmolk mosque in shiraz, Iran

Nasirolmolk mosque is the place light and worship intertwine

Architecture of Nasir al Molk mosque

Nasir al MOlk Mosque has a wide courtyard located on the north side of the mosque. This valuable collection has several different sections in which the art of Architecture has formed in each of them.

At the entrance of pink mosque

The entrance has a large vault that adorns the ceiling with tiles of seven colors. Its arch is made of wheat stone and its entrance arch has a beautiful Mogharnas of seven-color tiles. The entrance doors of this mosque are two large wooden doors, on top of which a poem of Shorida Shirazi on the occasion of the mosque builder and the year of its completion is seen.

The Western nave of Pink mosque

The mosque has two nave East and West, both nave unlike usual because of the direction of the Qibla building along the Qibla axis are located. The Western nave has a brick coating, and it is more beautiful. The arch of this nave is on stone columns with spiral design. These columns are located in two rows of 6 and twelve numbers are the intentions of twelve imams.

Also, It has seven doorways with seven wooden doors and colorful glass links it to the apron of the mosque. Also, this nave refer to as the winter nave. In front of the nave is a 6-meter wide porch with eight arcades separating from the courtyard. And has seven brick rounds. On these ridges and on the forehead of the arcs tile Quranic verses and maps of flowers and bushes.

pink mosque lights during night

light and color in nasrolmolk mosque during night

Nasir al Molk mosque East nave

The masonry and decoration of this nave is inspired by Vakil Mosque and Moshir Moshir Shiraz mosque. And it made of integrated Gandomak stone. The arch and the walls of the nave decorate with beautiful tiles and the sky adorned with roles such as globate, Muslim motifs and a few verses of the Quran to the third line. The floor of the nave emblazone with turquoise tiles, and the stone of the floor of its altar. Also, itlocates from the bottom of the nave. It made of marble. Beanie between nave tweezers arise slightly drape. This nave is actually summer nave.

Consequently, In this nave there is a door that opens to a well. This corridor call a cattle well or a cow. Also in this place there is a pond and a corridor. The eastern nave has now become the endowment Museum. In the northern corridors there are writings on. Moreover, the following poem carve with a beautifully written Nastaliq line:

We see no survival except the owner of heart one day he bestows His mercy on the Masters of prayer

Above all, At the end of the name Muhammad Hassan, architect, and Professor Mohammad Reza that of the architects and builders and developers have been also its start date in 1293 ah and finish it in 1305 ah is listed.

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