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Shiraz tours

Shiraz is the 5th biggest city in Iran and the most important and appealing city in Fars province. moreover,  it situated in Zagros mountainous area. Name of Shiraz was discovered in the ancient inscription in Persepolis. Iran Destination proposes you to follow Shiraz tours article to get acquainted this historical and charming city.

It is one of the oldest of ancient Persia and definitely one of the most significant tourism centres, the cultural capital of the country, 2nd literary city in the world, and the city of poetry, wine and flower.

The moderate climate and being a regional trade and also a medical center cause to attract plenty of tourists to this city.

In addition, Shiraz consider the city of gardens, with regard to many gardens and fruit trees that are visible in the city, for instance Eram Garden, Afifabad Garden, Jahan Nama Garden. There are several unique handicrafts including inlaid mosaic work of triangular design; silver-ware; pile carpet-weaving and weaving of rug.

There are some magnificent historical places in Shiraz that Iran Destination provides amazing tours to visit such beautiful city.

Some historical places in Shiraz        

Mausoleum of Hafez

Hafez is one of the greatest Persian lyricist who is regarded the Shakespeare of Iran, and surely a source of national pride. The Divan, Hafez’s collected works, consider as a superlative of Persian literature. In fact, most every home in Iran comprises this valuable book that regularly read and applied for inspiration and guidance.

Hafez’s tomb designed traditionally and beautifully which is at the center of garden and situated in an open pavilion surrounded by eight columns, covered with a mosaic tiled dome.

Hafez tomb, Shiraz tours

Hafez tomb, Shiraz tours

Nasir al- Mulk Mosque

Nasir al- Mulk is one of the most beautiful historical mosques of Qajar era which is located in Shiraz. Moreover,  This mosque is popular as the Pink Mosque due to the applying noticeable plethora of pink-colored tiles for the interior design. It has a large courtyard, the main entrance of the mosque.

Western nave has several large wooden doors which decorated with colorful glass windows and integrated stone columns with spiral grooves. Besides, the nave ceiling decorated with floral design. This majestic mosque is remarkably popular among other mosques in Iran.

Nasir Al-Molk-mosque, Shiraz tours

Pink-mosque, Shiraz tours

Mausoleum of Saadi

Saadi Shirazi is the greatest poet of Persian literature who has emerged after Ferdowsi and is still well known in the world as an excellent poet of his time.

The building of the Saadi  located in an octagonal construction with a very high ceiling. Further, there is a lovely place at the inferior area of the garden, beautiful flowers with pure water is out-flowing, likewise, a pool with lots of fishes is in the central part of the place.

Regarding an old tradition, people throw coins in it in order to wish their dreams come true, additionally.

Saadi tomb, Shiraz tours

Eram Garden

Eram Garden is one of the prominent historical gardens of Shiraz and situated in northern area of Shiraz on Eram street. Besides, this is one of the gardens in Iran that is registered by the UNESCO World Heritage Persian Garden.

The most outstanding feature of this building is two-story central porch. There curved tile designing include historical, literary and mythical figures at the top of the building.

Eram Garden, Shiraz tours


Persepolis was the name of one of the distinguished ancient cities of Iran that regularly was the glorious and ceremonial capital of Ancient Empire. Likewise, the building dates back to Darius the Great which was the main center for ritual ceremonies particularly Nowruz.

The historical and cultural information of Achaemenid are available on the stone inscriptions which engraved on the walls and tiles of the palace. Fortunately, UNESCO declared the ruins of Persepolis a World Heritage Site in 1979. Iran Destination is qualified to deal with an interesting and professional tour to Persepolis with incredible price.

Persepolis, Shiraz tours

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