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A Journey through Necropolis: The City of Dead

Iran undoubtedly is home to one of the oldest ancient civilizations in the world. For centuries, the country is a evidence one of the world’s most powerful empires in the world. However, Iran has survived many wars, conflicts, and confrontations through its history. In following, we take a look at one the most wonderful spot in the world, Necropolis.

Ka'ba-ye Zartosht in Necropolis dates back to 25000 BC. photo: @SamDavani

Ka’ba-ye Zartosht in Necropolis dates back to 25000 BC. photo: @SamDavani

Traveling to Iran without visiting Persepolis and Necropolis – located nearby the modern city of Shiraz-considers a huge skip in Iranian history. While you would witness the legacy of Persian glory, Shiraz is the only few cities that is home to the remains of ancient empires.

Sunset on Necropolis, The city of dead. photo: @SamDavani

Necropolis or as local people call it, Naqsh-e Rustamis dead-bed of four tombs of Achaemenid kings that are carved out of a rock mountain. These unique stone tombs – which reminder of ones in Petra, Jordan, are massive in size and located  high above the ground.

One of the stone tombs (the middle one) is identified as the tomb of Darius the Great, while the other three tombs are believed to belong to Darius’ son and grandson, namely Artaxerxes I and Darius II, respectively.

Necropolis, The city of dead. photo: @SamDavani

Necropolis, The city of dead. photo: @SamDavani

Each of these tombs had a door-like gate which archaeologists believe that these doors were smashed and the tombs were looted in far past. These tombs feature carved panels over the doorways, with figures of the king being supported and empowered by rows of common people of the world.

Sassanid relief depicts the victory of Persian army on ancient Rome; photo: @SamDavani

Sassanid relief in Necropolis depicts the victory of Persian army on ancient Rome; photo: @SamDavani

How to get to Necropolis

Necropolis  is located around 40 minutes drive from the city of Shiraz. If you are hiring a guide, you can either ask your guide to pick you up in a hotel or anywhere convenient, e.g. the main bus terminal.  The entrance ticket for foreigners costing 200,000 rials (USD 6.2) per person.  However, you are prohibited from bringing a big backpack to the complex.

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