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 Pink Mosque Shiraz

Pink mosque Shiraz is one of the most pleasant sights. It is one of the best cites which we consider in our Iran tours for Iran tourism. This monument is one of the masterpieces of architecture, Because the glass color that decorate the building. Also, They have come to during the day in front of  sunlight glow and the shine of astonishing lead the dance, light and video rainbow in the nave of the mosque are.

Since red glass overcomes other colors, the Golden beam of mixes with the red glass and makes the mosque Apron become pink. For this reason, this historical mosque known among tourists in the name of the Pink Mosque.  this time on a trip to Shiraz pleasant, there are going to the mosque, if the series of snaps, and from the general and the details of that write-up fellows always us on a trip to Shiraz, a lovely mosque, the pink, the better to know and in their surfing, this architectural masterpiece.

Where colors dance forever

Where colors dance forever, the Pink Mosque of Shiraz

Pink Mosque Shiraz, History:

The Pink Mosque is one of the structures of the Qajar era. This masterpiece of architecture built during the years 1293 to 1305 Ah. For the construction of this monument, 12 years spent. Pink Mosque in Iran, in Fars province, in Shiraz city, on lotfali Khan Zand Street, in Nasir al-Mulk alley, on the alley of triacchi is located.  The complex of Nasir al-Mulk includes the mosque, an old house that inhabited in the past, a bath, a canopy and a tub . This historical complex locate in the old town of Shiraz, the neighborhood of Isaac Bey.

Unfortunately, a large part of this magnificent complex has been lost during the expansion of the city of Shiraz and due to the street construction and construction of modern buildings. From the old house, Nasir al-Molk remains the only main hall of the building, part of the inner courtyard, plus the outer part and basement. This old house was once the House of Nasir al-Molk. The family of Nasir al-Molk was an original family. The third child of Haj qavamol-ol-Molk, namely Haji Mirza Hassan Ali Khan Nasir-ol-Molk, was a Fars ruler during the Qajar period.

 Pink Mosque Shiraz

The Pink Mosque, Shiraz

Pink Mosque Shiraz, Structure:

The main hall, which remains from the House of Nasir al-Molk, is known as the mirror Hall. The design of this hall has been flattened. On the two sides of this hall, two large sash is located throughout. These sashes are attached to the inner and outer courtyards with elegant Chinese knots and colored glass that resume intelligence and stare at themselves. Also, It is also seen on the other two sides of the Hall of a central King. The Shahs communicate from two sides through the sash to two rooms around them. These two side rooms are depicted by Iranian and European styles.

The tourist poses for photography

The tourist poses for photography in the Pink Mosque of Shiraz

One of the mosques, historical, charming and spectacular that tourists not only from all over Iran, but also from all over the world, attracts the mosque Nasir al mulk or mosque, pink in the city of Shiraz, Iran. This beautiful and spectacular mosque is located south of lotfali Khan Zand Street in the neighborhood of Shahcheragh Grand Mosque. The foundation of this large and beautiful mosque is about 2212 square meters.

Above all, The mosque is also attractive and spectacular about 2980 square meters. This, according to face special compliance with all international standards to Iran, Mr. Mahmoud, consistency, and also with the management of Mr. Cyrus I never English Johnny from the early period of the endowment set done, and continue to be so over the years, remained stable. Of course, this magnificent monument, which once built on the order of Mirza Hassan Ali, known as Nasir al-Molk, needs constant protection and restoration. This is an original national memorabilia masterpiece.

The reflection of colors at night

The reflection of colors at night


Pink Mosque Shiraz, Shabestan:

The entrance to the Pink Mosque is spacious arch and emblazoned with stunning tiling. The tiles used in this arcade are seven colors. Also, this arch made of Wheatstone. In addition to these Moqarnas and fascinating and astounding tiles, the main entrance door is also remarkable. The main entrance door made of wood, large and state. Over this large door stone made of marble. On this marble, are the verses of Shirazi Shorida. Shorida Shirazi has written these verses on the occasion of completion of the building and for the purpose of constructive eulogy. Shirazi Pink Mosque has two Shabestan.

A nave located in the west of the building call the Western nave and a nave located in the east of the building call the eastern nave. The Western nave covered all over from clay bricks. This nave exposed to the powerful hands of the Qajar era artists and has more ornaments and paintings and is therefore more beautiful. The Western nave has a vault that  locate above the stone columns.

Subsequently, These stone columns  adorned with a spiral design and are very nice. These enchanting columns are located in two sixth rows. Twelve of these pillars are the intentions of our twelve immaculate Shiites. Astonishing thing is that the Western nave has seven doors and links these seven doors to the courtyard of the mosque. Each of these seven doorways has a wooden Derby and decorated with colored glass. So the testimonials of the cause of the beauty and oomph of this architectural masterpiece clearly show itself.

Pink Mosque Shiraz

Pink Mosque of Shiraz

 Pink Mosque Shiraz:

Consequently, Western nave paintings inspired by Vakil Mosque of Shiraz as well as Moshir Mosque of Shiraz. These chips  made of monolithic Wheatstone. In fact, the integrated Wheatstone shaved with special elegance and created these magnificent chips. In addition to the stones, the Western nave vault and walls adorned by fine-colored and polished tiles.

Also, the Western nave sky is adorned with Islamic paintings and floral maps and  brought beauty and glory to its limit with verses from the Quran written in a third line. Moreover, The magic is that the floor of this nave  carpeted by turquoise tiles. All this beauty and polished gathered in a nave and staring right at the eyes. Furthermore, The nave is cooler than the eastern nave by the specific principles of architecture in which it used. For this reason, it  more in the summer and called Summer nave.

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