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Kerman Jame Mosque

Kerman Jame mosque:  made in 14th century, was the main place for Moslems prayer in Kerman, Iran. Because of its important position which was located near bazaar and in the center of city, Jame mosque is in the angle between Qadamgah bazaar from south and so Shariati street from north and Shohada square from east.

There is a huge and high portal in the west side which has been decorated with fantastic tile-works and a tower added a beauty to it. Also there are large summer and winter porches and in the west side there is sites Mahdieh building. Some of the shops of Qadamgah and Mozafari bazaars have bequeathed their income to the expenses of this mosque.

At the first of Islam “mosque” is one of the city’s parts and central part of city gradually became the main part of the Islamic cities for Improving Islam gradually mosques have substituted fire temples. In all the cities of Iran there is at least one mosque, in which Moslems gathered there 3 times a day to pray. In Friday days people gathered in place which is called Jame mosque and engage in devotional-political activities. Interesting to know that Kerman Jame mosque is amongst the unique mosque of Iran because has no minarets like Sheikh Lotf-allah Mosque in Isfahan. It is Following the ideal four-iwan plan and you can enter to the Jame moque of Kerman either from Kerman Bazaar or Shohada Sq. Jame mosque, Arg and bazaar where there places that bring in to existence the central core of Kerman city.

Kerman Jame mosque is one of the best mosques in Iran for who are interested about Iranian architecture, and every year a lot of tourist visit this beautiful mosque and enjoy it, with its unique atmosphere and the wonderful beauty.

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