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Rayen Citadel

The most important ancient monument of the Sassanid period is Rayen Citadel. Located in Kerman Province, this beautiful citadel is the second largest adobe building after the Bam Citadel. This citadel is a valid document for the thousand-year history of the Rayen region.

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Rayen Citadel’ History

One of the world’s largest adobe masonry citadel, the Rayen is set on an immense hill with 6,000 square meters. According to historians, the Rayen is a region of ancient civilization dating to the Sassanid era. This area was well positioned due to being located on the west to east highway and Kerman route to Jiroft and Bandar Abbas, over time to one of the trade centers, the fabric of valuable Khorasani, Egyptian and Iraqi textiles and the Defense Industry Center.

It became like a sword and a gun. Built entirely of raw clay, the castle has only one entrance to its east side, which leads to a large courtyard with a magnificent courtyard. As well as the unique structure of all the citadels, the Citadel also has a populated area that houses the architectural spaces needed by people, including the Zurkhaneh, the school, the barracks, the dock, the quarantine building, the mosque, the cellar, and the stables.

It also has other sections, such as the guard section near the entrance door, with a square-bottomed upper porch that guards used to monitor and exit people from this point. . In addition, at the entrance to the citadel of the Rayen is the place of the blacksmiths and those who have been engaged in knife-making and metalworking.

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