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Babak Castle

Babak Castle is also known by other names as Babak Fortress, Seed and Jubilee Castle which was the headquarters of the Iranian commander, Babak Khorramdin. However, It is said to have been built during the uprising against the Abbasid caliphate in the third century AH. Some attribute it to the Achaemenid.

Furthermore, Babak Fortress was registered in the list of national, historical and cultural monuments of Iran in the General Administration of East Azerbaijan Cultural Heritage.

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Who was Babak Khorramdin?

Babak must be rightly regarded as the greatest hero and the most heroic figure in the history of the independence struggle against the Arab invasion, and not only because Babak Khorramdin waged the longest and most crushing battles that lasted for twenty-two years.

However, Babak was raised among the humble and hardworking people of his country, possessed of a love for the homeland, suffering from Arab oppression and doing all he could to liberate Iran and fight to rid his country of alien existence.

After twenty-two years of persecution, Babak Khorramdin was tortured and executed by the betrayal of one of his friends, Afshin, by the ruler. The year of this great man’s death is January 17th.

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How to get to Babak Castle?

To reach this magnificent castle you must first go to the Climbing, you can spend the night in the city and then head to the castle early in the morning. However, The best way is to take part of the route with the help of patrols or other vehicles in the area to get to the Babak Castle as it is a rocky road, then you have to walk down the mountain to the embedded stairs. And then reach the castle itself.

Where is Babak Castle?Babak Fortress in East Azarbaijan Province, is located 2 km from Kalibar and 2 km from Tabriz city and on a mountain 2 m high.

Babak Castle , Iran , Azerbaijan

The best time to visit Babak Khorramdin Castle

To see the best sights, it is recommended that you choose the spring season for your trip so that you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside as you climb the mountain and visit Babak Castle.

However, Once you reach the destination by local car, you will need to take a walk down the mountain that is a bit time consuming but worth it. Along the way you will see beautiful plains and enjoy the green and wooded mountains around the castle.

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