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Alam kuh; Iran Alpine

Alam kuh with a height of 4850 meters, located in Takht-e-Solomon area of ​​Mazandaran province. Mount Alam kuh is the second highest peak in Iran after Damavand.

The Alam kuh Mountains has 47 peaks over 4000 meters, also known as the “Alpine of Iran“.

Alam kuh , Alborz Mountain

Alam kuh Wall

However, most of the reputation of this summit is due to the wall located on the northern slopes and is one of the most technical and hardest climbing paths in Iran. Furthermore, this wall in Iran has a place like K2 in the world.

Since years ago, Alam kuh and its wall have been interesting to the climbers, not only Iranian climbers, but also German, French, English, Italian, and even climbers have climbed on numerous routes. The German-French pollen path is one of the first paths on the pollen of this wall.

Alam kuh wall , Alpine of Iran

Excellent Climbing of the Alpine of Iran

The years 1981 to 1991 can be called the evolution of Iran’s climbing Alam kuh’ wall. During these years, Hossein Talebi Moghaddam and other Hamedan climbers, significantly, recorded the lowest the records of climbing the wall, three meters a day!

Alamkuh , Alpine of Iran , Hesarchal Camp

Alamkuh climbing paths

Takht-e-Soleyman (Alam Kuh) is located in the center of the Alborz Mountain Range and Takht-e-Solomon Mountains and is considered as the Western part of Alborz Mountains.

Moreover, this large mountainous area is limited to about 200 peaks above 4000 meters in the north of Mazandaran coast and to the west valley of Karaj-Chalus river, from the east to Alamout area and from south to Taleghan area.

Alam kuh wall , Alborz Mountain , Mazandaran

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