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Shafie Abad Caravansary Shahdad

In the past, travelers needed a place to relieve fatigue because of the length of the trip and the length of the trip. For this reason, many inns were built on the main Iranian roads. Shafi Abad Caravansary is a beautiful and valuable memorial from the Qajar era, located on the outskirts of the desert and in a large area in the village of Shafi Abad.

Shafie Abad Caravansary Shahdad

The beautiful Shafie Abad Caravansary Shahdad

Shafie Abad Caravansary

It is a rural part of Shahdad district of Kerman province. In this village the first Eco Museum of Iran was built. The village of Shafi Abad has also been selected as the main eco-museum center with the participation of the people.

However, the village has its own culture, customs and local cover, local food and handicrafts that will attract tourists to the area. On the other hand, the proximity of the village to the cliffs of Desert Shahdad made this village the center of this eco-museum.

Shafie Abad Caravansary

Shafie Abad Caravansary

Lut Desert , Shafie Abad

If you plan to travel to the Lut Desert and see the Shehadad Kalutas, the Shafiabad Caravan is the last development before the desert. Here you can relax and enjoy the star gaze and the Milky Way.

The desert sky is another world. You can have a different experience with a night out at the Shafi Abad Village ecotourism resorts or set up a small campsite in the courtyard. Shafi Abad inn with a beautiful entrance hall and two short towers beside it attracts you.

The backyard tiles and 4 watchtowers add to the beauty of the complex. At the top of the gate is a multi-room space entrance. However, the aqueduct has been dug up for years now as the aqueduct passes through the inn to bring some refreshments to this old structure and tourists. Take a tour of the Shafi’ad Abad inn at Shohadad Seri and watch ancient history of Iran.

However, the other sights in the city are Mahan’s Garden, Yakdan Anchor, Ayob Cave and Rivas Plain on the Kerman Tour with Aladdin Travell’s powerful guides. Stay in touch with our experts and book your hotel and flight ticket reservations to get the best of every city in a short time.

Shafie Abad Caravansary , Lut Desert

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