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Rageh Canyon; In the Heart of desert

Kerman is one of the provinces suitable for dessert tourism. Near dessert, there is a canyon with height of 70, width of 180 meters and length of 20 kilometers has made a beautiful view. There is a fast-flowing river in the Canyon which is called “Rageh Canyon“.

Iran Destination; Regeh Canyon, Kerman

Iran Destination; Regeh Canyon, Kerman

However, the canyon is an ideal den for some animals like gazelle, eagle and partridge. Water erosion has made beautiful shapes in the canyon. Here has such a beautiful view of dessert that some researchers compare it with Shahdad Kaluts.

Rageh canyon is located on northwestern part of Kerman province and southeastern part of Rafsanjan city near Meimand village and Shahdad kaluts, in Kerman.

Interestingly, Rageh canyon has been created because of water erosion during 20 thousands years.

In some  places  among  columns  and wall peak jags there are  interesting and various  spatial shapes moreover  it can be  seen narrow and wide  passages  alongside the river  and valley walls, in addition  to small or big holes and cuts  which some of them  are natural and some are  man-made  long ago.

Rageh Canyon and  Tourists

Rageh canyon is the right place for tourists who like photography, mountaineering, trekking and climbing. If you are a  photographer lover, you can take special photos from stars in sky at night.

Iran Destination; Regeh Canyon, Kerman

Iran Destination; Regeh Canyon, Kerman

Rage Valley is in a completely different location. On the other hand it is in the middle of a path where two important natural historical attractions of Kerman ( the village of Meymand and the desert of Lut and its Kalouts, as the UNESCO World Heritages ) are located.

Maybe due to its specific features and distinctions, in the future it can also be placed in the world’s legacy of the valley, and its great benefits in branding the region’s future.

 Visiting Rageh Canyon

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