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Sasanian Dynasty Gaur city

Sasanian Dynasty Gaur city :The first city of Sassanian dynasty was built 3 kilometers from where is located in Firuzabad of Shiraz. Ardeshir built this city to declare independence from Parthian government.The ancient city of Gour is completely circular,with a 2 kilometers diameter,a mud wall and a ditch with the width of 55 meters.

The two main streets of the city got together by 4 gates and a cubic tower was built in the intersection which now is the most prominent remnant of the city with 37 meters height. 100 meters northern east of the tower is the ruins of a building with cut stones,it is known as the main palace which considering the common Sassanian architecture is believed to have a vaulted ceiling.

The most interesting point about this city is its completely equal division to twenty parts.The new vast studies show the early detailed mathematical measurements which differentiate it from other circular cities like Hathra and Darabgard.