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Why Iran?

1. Iran is safe!

Why Iran? The main reason that we can answer you is that whether tourists travel alone or in a group, by a tour or individual, regardless the gender, or whether arrive day or night time, according to all tourist visiting, Iran is a very safe country. Iran Tour will be safe.

Persepolis , Iran

2. It’s hitting the headlines all over the world

Let’s face it, now it’s totally Iran moment and you are thinking “Why Iran?”Iran is one of the most popular destinations for visiting. However, there are so many archaeological and historical sights and gardens in Iran which are issued in UNESCO, as the world heritages sights.

Tabriz , Iran

3. Iranian Hospitality

Iran is also the country of warm hospitality, the kind and friendly people, and not just because “welcome” is possibly the most popular English word there, but because it’s an essential feature of their Iranian culture.

Balochistan, Why Iran

Burned City of Balochistan

4. A long history

Why Iran? Persepolis is possibly Iran’s most famous ancient site, even though not the only one.

However, from the ancient Persia to modern Iran, from the Achaemenid Empire to the Sasanian era, from the Safavid period to Zandiyeh and Qajar dynasty, to finally the Pahlavi family and the Islamic Revolution, Iranian history is as stormy as it gets, and traveling all around you can go down in every period and discover the nation’s tangled past.

Why Iran? Because Iran is really a great destination to history lovers.

Iran Architecture , Isfahan , Why Iran Destination

5. Persian Architecture

Be in a mosque, a palace or a bazaar, Iranian buildings are finely decorated and glow with ornamental elegance. Pastel colors gracefully mingle with bright hues, tapering minarets and seemingly ubiquitous domes outline the landscape.

Whether tourists are inside or outside a building, the elaborate architecture is definitely something tourists marvel every time they visit Iran.

Hengam Island , Qeshm , Iran

6. Iran Handicrafts

Each province, each city, each village has their own handicraft. However, in Yazd you will certainly buy beautiful Termeh, handwoven silk and wool fabric (and baklava sweets), in Isfahan tiles and blue decorations, then in Tabriz (and everywhere else) carpets of all sizes, colours and patterns.

Wherever you travel in Iran, then rest assured that you’ll get back home with the loveliest of gifts. However, Iran is one of the best places that tourists are satisfied with their shopping. Why Iran?

Iran Food , Iran Destination

7. Iran Foods

Why Iran? From pistachio to black tea, from saffron to kebab, from Mirza Ghasemi to Ghormeh Sabzi, the heavy presence of aromatic herbs makes Iranian cuisine appetizing comes to pistachio. Furthermore, Iran and Iranian will provide an organic food for tourists.

However, while there are national dishes that tourists can find everywhere, like herb stew Ghormeh Sabzi, there are others that are exclusive food that you can enjoy those like Mirza-Ghasemi or Dizi which is a national treat.

Masuleh , North Iran

8. Tourists will have a truly authentic experience

Why Iran Destination?  Furthermore, probably due to declare that Iran has little commercial exchange with other countries, especially in the West, Iran can boast its own products on a variety of manufacturing areas, from food to textiles to ceramics.

However, Apart from goods on sale, Iranians are very proud of their culture and traditions, and they will never miss the occasion of illustrating what tourists might be seeing, eating, drinking, listening to, and so on and so forth.  However, this will give anyone who decides to visit Iran a great chance for a genuine local experience.

Shahdad , Lut Desert , Iran Destination

9. Iran has a low price

Furthermore, traveling to Iran will turn very cheap, with the cost of transport, accommodation and tour guide. Anyway, one can spoil himself/herself with a royal treat without spending too much money and saving it for shopping spree.

Badab Surt , Iran Nature

10. There is a beautiful nature in Iran

However, Iran is one of the rare countries that have all four seasons, and at any time of the year in each part of country, one of seasons is visible. Anyway, Iran’s variety in terms of temperature differs from place to place and season to season. Furthermore, tourist will be cheerful with visiting the green nature of north of Iran, beautiful forest with wavy Khazar sea.

However, the dramatic desert of Yazd, Isfahan and Kerman. The wonderful beach of Kish and Qeshm. Choose your Destination, choose Iran Destination and let’s visit Iran. Now, yet, do you hesitate to visit this wonderful country?

Qeshm Island , Iran Destination

Qeshm Island , Iran Destination

Why Iran Destination?

We, Iran Destination Travel Agency, are eager to face you with the reality of Iran as one of the best and safest countries you have experienced in your life. If you check the reliable sources, you would try to join the millions tourists that are open-mind and don’t miss this opportunity to experience gorgeous Iran.

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