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Best Hotels in Iran 2021

When we talk about Best hotels in Iran, we can’t talk about a few hotels while you have Iran Travel. Also, if until a few years ago the focus of these hotels was in the capital and Isfahan. Besides, these days’ Best hotels with high facilities have expanded to other cities. Moreover, at the top of the list of luxury hotels, hotels in Mashhad, Toranj Kish Hotel and after 55 years still sitting at Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran.

Esteghlal Hotel ,Best Hotel of Iran

Esteghlal Hotel , Tehran , Iran

Esteghlal Best Hotel in Tehran

The old Royal Hilton Hotel, known as the Esteghlal Hotel since the post-revolution years, is a 5-star hotel with 55 years of experience and one of the best hotels in Iran. Also, it is one of the most popular hotels in Tehran. In addition, it has two east and west towers and has 550 rooms and about 1,000 beds. Besides, when the hotel came into operation, it’s most important apparent characteristic was the vast mountain and city views while you have Iran Tour. So, now the landscape has greatly disrupted by the surrounding construction.

Moreover, the facilities inside the hotel are still attractive and lovely.  Also, as a best hotel there are several restaurants and coffee shops. Besides, each designed for a certain taste, as well as various sports facilities such as Jim, tennis courts and pools in both towers. In addition, Spas and other services such as women’s and men’s hairdressers, exquisite souvenir shops and art galleries inside the hotel are good choices for the days you don’t want to leave the hotel.

Features of Esteghlal Hotel

The most important feature of Esteghlal Hotel is its easy access to various hotspots of the city while you have Iran Tour. Also,Valiasr Street and Tajrish Square are near the hotel, and the presence of a few highways around. Besides, it makes its passengers know one step away from the important places in the city as a best hotel. In addition, when we talk about luxury hotels in Iran, we can’t talk about a few hotels in Iran Tour. So, if until a few years ago the focus of these hotels was in the capital and Isfahan. Furthermore, these days luxury hotels with high facilities have expanded to other cities.

In addition, the old Royal Hilton Hotel, known as the Esteghlal Hotel since the post-revolution years is a 5-star hotel with 55 years of experience. Also, it is one of the most popular  and best hotel in Tehran.

Darvishi Hotel , Best Hotel of Iran

Darvishi Hotel , Mashhad , Iran

Darvishi Best Hotels in Mashhad

For a year or two, in one of the closest streets to the Shrine of Imam Reza, a newly built, high-rise hotel with an Arabian icon while you have Iran Tour. Also, as a best hotel in Iran it hosts a special stratum of passengers from Mashhad and Zayrin. Besides, The Darvishi Hotel in Mashhad, which built to conserve energy and proper lighting inspired by atrium or among Roman halls. Besides, it has a middle open space that continues to the roof of the hotel.


In addition, the hotel room service, especially its penthouse suites as a best hotel in Iran, is very luxurious and includes services ranging from airport transfers to saunas and office services required by business travelers in Iran Travel. Besides, another feature of the hotel is the nation’s duplexes, inspired by Chinese, Indian and Egyptian elements in their architecture and layout while in Iran tour.

Moreover, this best hotel has 5 restaurants with different concepts, Moroccan restaurant with Arabic food and cuisine, Ruf Garden restaurant in the open and with a beautiful view of Mashhad city in Iran Tour. Besides, Atrium restaurant with Asian menu and barbecue restaurant which specialized in barbecue are among the attractive points of the hotel. In addition, it’s a pond’s sea restaurant that has fun and food together. Besides, travelers can fish themselves from the pools inside the restaurant and prepare it in their favorite style alongside the restaurant chef in Iran Travel.


Almas 2 Hotel in Mashhad

Almas 2 Hotel in Mashhad is one of the 5 star and best hotels of Almas Group. Also, hotel facilities and proximity to the shrine are the most important reasons why travelers choose this hotel. Besides, built on the highest floor, the hotel’s revolving restaurant has a panoramic view of the city and the shrine of Imam Reza in Iran Tour. In addition, its seafood and seafood are very popular. Furthermore, the hotel’s main restaurant, which serves food 24/7, offers a complete menu of Iranian and foreign cuisine in Iran Travel.

Moreover, Almas Hotel 2 is known as best hotel in Iran and its blue complex. Besides, adult and child pools, saunas and Jacuzzis are good choices for travelers. Moreover, pilgrims who want to experience relaxation and recreation on their pilgrimage journey.


Qasr Palace Best Hotels of Mashhad

Ghasr International Hotel in Mashhad has all the features of a luxury an d best hotel, desirable services in different rooms while in Iran Tour. Besides, it suites as well as proper access to the Shrine of Imam Reza for travelers staying in this hotel is very desirable and memorable.

In addition, Hotel restaurants offer travelers a variety of choices ranging from Iranian cuisine to a variety of steak kebabs, seafood and foreign and even fast food. Besides, Qasr Hotel’s beautiful and exciting amusement park records memorable moments for families who have travelled with their children? Moreover, teenagers and young people can also have a good time at the billiard club or computer game hall in Iran Travel.


Dariush Kish Hotel

Dariush Hotel, Kish’s little Persepolis, which is one of the country’s first big and luxurious hotels in the years after the Revolution as its name implies. Also, is entirely inspired by Persepolis and Achaemenid culture and architecture. Besides, these similarities are not unique to the exterior of the hotel, rooms and suites, lobby and restaurants are all reflections of this important Iranian work in Iran Tour.


This best hotel service is in accordance with a 5-star hotel and has a capacity of 500 passengers. Also, Sports facilities such as Jim’s, billiard salon, pink pong tables and rafting, along with services such as various therapeutic massages, are among the attractions of this hotel. In addition, staying in this hotel has advantages such as discounting birds’ garden and Dolphin Park in Iran Travel.


Toranj Hotel is a Best Hotels of Iran

Currently, one of the most expensive and exciting and best hotels in the country is the Toranj Kish Hotel. Also, the Toranj Maritime Hotel is an example of the Maldives and Macaw maritime hotels. Besides, Caribbean countries consisting of two parts, a four-storey building and 100 rooms built in the form of Bangalos on the water in Iran Tour.

Moreover, it is interesting to know that the aerial shape of these marine rooms is reminiscent of a bergamot as a best hotel in Iran. Besides, this shows that in the construction and decoration of the hotel, as much as the modern and global elements have been taken into consideration, native symbols have taken into consideration in Iran Tour.

In addition, as expected from a 5-star hoteland best hotel in Iran, Toranj Kish Hotel has services such as various indoor or beach restaurants or on the water with a variety of menus, sports facilities such as tennis court. Besides, Gym, plage, spa, yoga salon, Pilates and a small amusement park is experienced in Iran Tour. Its attractive spot is also a soldier pool located on the roof of the hotel while in Iran Travel.

Besides, staying at this hotel while we watch the sunset in the Persian Gulf, from the private balconies of the sea rooms and under the glass floors of the rooms are the unsaturated ecosystem of the southern waters of the country in constant struggle, is enough to make a trip dreamy while in Iran Tour.


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