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Iranian Taarof Culture

From shopping to bargaining, the footprint of Taarof culture can be found in all Iranian social media in the sense of a foreign tourist: Taarof is one of the most sophisticated “social arts of Iranians”. Iranian Taarof Culture

Taarof is a type of communication, but passively this kind of behavior comes from culture, personality, or education. The individual indirectly states that he does not want or want, and that the expression is somehow false, but that the purpose is different from the lie, so that it does not have the negative charge of lying.

The person who is complaining is actually bothering himself, but the person who is lying is trying to deceive the kind of person he or she is hearing and the one who is hurting. Iranian Taarof Culture

Iranian Taarof Culture

Iranian Taarof Culture , Iran Destination

Taarof Culture on Juliana Wally words:

“Before I came to Iran, I had never heard the word “Taarof “! This Persian word, incidentally also of Arabic origin, refers to one of the most sophisticated Iranian “arts of courtship”: that is, the true meaning of the expressions must lie beyond its vocabulary.”

In other words, Taarof are subtle dance of communicative vocabulary in which the participants continually exchange phrases but do not convey the original meaning as they should. Iranian Taarof Culture

Iranian Taarof Culture , Iran Destination

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