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Iran Destination is a well-operated tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. We suggest you to have a look on our  Iran Tours.  Our Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, read about Fire Temple of Isfahan; the Holly Temple. 

Fire Temple of Isfahan is one of the historical monuments of the city. However, it consider as one of the national monuments of Iran. The temple has an ancient historical background and people  used as different purposes.

The Fire Temple is located in the west of Isfahan. Interestingly, the building is located on a mountain near Zayandeh Rood ( River ) and on top of a hill. From the hill- side,  you can have a panorama view of Isfahan

The hill is made of some sedimentary rocks. However, its lowest part is located at an altitude of 1623 meters above the sea level and the highest part is above the sea level with height of 1719 meters. Geologically, the hill  forming dates back to Cretaceous Age.

The large basements of the monument begin from the domain of the hill and then at the top they are turned into solid and tall columns.  Anyway, on top of the fire temple, there is an area that can be considered as the finest architectural art design of the Fire Temple. However, there is no building taller than this monument in the area. The octagonal-shaped room – the most beautiful one- benefit a window in each side of the building. Zoroastrian priests are said to have placed sacred fire inside this hall.

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