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By this Iran travel agency, you’ll get the answer to the question: where is Iran? So, let’s read about Menar Jonban, one of amazing sites for travelers to Iran.

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Menar Jonban is among one the greatest attraction in Isfahan, Iran. However, if you want to travel to Iran, Iran Destination – A well known Tour Operator in Iran– recommend take this tour. Furthermore, the building is an interesting and wonder name that refers to movable minarets that the most famous one of them is in Isfahan that has an important place in Iran tourism.

Menar Jonban, located in Isfahan, Iran

the building, located in Isfahan, Iran

However, Menar Jonban was built in the 8th century, a monument with a dome roof which is an indicator of Iranian architecture. Then, the ceiling is covered with azure and turquoise tiles and catch every tourists’ eyes. Moreover, on the top of building, there are two beautiful minarets, each with a height of 17.5 meters and a width of 9 meters.

Menar Jonban, located in Isfahan, Iran

Menar Jonban, located in Isfahan, Iran

The secret of the Menar Jonban is the fact that by shaking each of these minarets, the other minaret shakes  well so the visitors can watch the minarets shaking.

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