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Isfahanis one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Iran, where many tourists travel to the city every year. However, the historical, art and architecture attractions of Isfahan are countless. Ali Qapu palace, Chehel sotoun palace, Vank cathedral  are among the attractions. Let’s discover Music museum.


But today’s destination is not one of these spectacular attractions we mentioned; hence we want to introduce you to one of the unique sights of Isfahan and a wonderful collection, it is then popular among foreign tourists as well as Iranian ones.


Why Isfahan Music Museum?

  • You will benefit see closely more than 300 Iranian musical instruments in the museum and enjoy the live performances of traditional music;
  • Buy Iranian instrument from the certified vendors;
  • In this collection you can see musical instruments that are not found in any other country;
  • it’s the second attraction offered by TripAdviser site in Isfahan is the Museum.

In the museum, however, you can visit various instruments that have been used in different geographical zone of Iran. However, the instruments  is introduced in both Farsi and English languages, and the audio and video features of the collection will help you to get a better experience of the tour in this hall.

Iran Destination: Music Museum, located in Isfahan, Iran

Moreover, the site has a separate lounge for local Iranian musical instruments. Anyway, during the tour around this hall, along with the directions of the museum’s officials, you can find interesting information about local Iranian music and the instruments of each region.

Of course, the audio and visual facilities of the museum will allow you to listen to local musical instruments of Iran.

Furthermore, the attraction of visiting the music museum is not limited to watching different Iranian instruments and getting information about them. Finally, at the end of your tour in the museum, you can watch a live performance of Iranian traditional music.


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