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Garmeh village

Garmeh Village (Ateshooni Guesthouse)

Garmeh village is a wonderful place to walk around and the mountains behind Garmeh are great to climb . The guesthouse(Ateshooni) has loads of character, as does the owner! It’s quite a drive from the closest big towns (Yazd/Esfahan) but visiting the little towns in between made it an interesting journey.

During Iran visitors stay in this village and depending on your time you can go for a walk in the palm trees garden, put your feet in the spring with doctor fishes or climbed the nearest mountain or hill to have a view of its amazing surroundings.

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Garmeh Village - Garmeh desert

Garmeh Desert

Iran tourists can also visit villages that are nearby like Ordib, Iraj and Dadkin with gardens and mountais, Bayazeh and its castle, Abgarm and its hotwater.

80km far from Garmeh on the way to Tabas(Desert) is a salt lake that is unique . 80km from Garmeh to Jandaq you will find Mesr and Farahzad village and the sand dunes all around.

Atenooshi Guesthouse

Garmeh Village

Garmeh Village (Ateshooni Guesthouse)

There is a wonderful place in Garmeh is run by a very charismatic musician who roams around the premises. The Atenooshi Guesthouse is highly recommended to tourists. This is nice if you’re looking for a place to share stories with other travel lovers, but takes away the feeling of being in a somewhat isolated part of Iran in the desert.


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