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Soltaniyeh in Zanjan - Iran in Depth tour

Iran in Depth

Duration: 20 Nights and 21 Days

Cities: Tehran, Zanjan, Takab, Tabriz, Kermanshah, Khoramabad, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan


Persian Gardens: Persian gardens are registered on UNESCO and are among unique attractions in Iran. Eram, Dolat Abad and Fin Garden are some samples of Persian Gardens.

Iranian MosquesIranian mosques are just one of masterpieces of Persian architecture which attract many visitors each year.

Prehistoric Sites: As Persia has a rich background, it has many prehistoric sites such as Choqa Zanbil and Susa in Khuzestan.

Iran Villages: some of the most amazing villages of the world are located in Iran, like Kandovan and Abyaneh.

Iran in Depth is what you are looking for to know real Iran, and visit those places not every tour takes you in. This 21-day tour takes you deep in Iran’s culture, history and nature. Iran Destination, Iran travel agency, has combined some of its usual Iran tour packages, such as cultural tour, nomad tour, village tour, and historical tour, to show you Iran in depth during 21 days. Just follow this travel agency in Iran to get all you want for a nice travel to Iran.

Itinerary Days

Day 1 of Iran in depth

Tehran (Arrival)

Arrive Tehran, meet & transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Tehran

Day 2 of Iran in depth


After eating breakfast, we’ll visit different sites in Tehran:

Carpet Museum
Golestan Palace
Museum of National Jewelry

Overnight in Tehran

Golestan Palace - Iran in Depth

Golestan Palace – Iran in Depth

Day 3 of Iran in depth

Tehran-Qazvin / Soltaniye-Zanjan

After having the breakfast, we will move to Qazvin and visit:

Jame Mosque

Chehel Sotun Palace

Qazvin-Chehel Sotun - Iran in Depth

Qazvin-Chehel Sotun – Iran in Depth

Then we’ll have the lunch and move to Zanjan. Near Zanjan, we can visit

Soltanieh, once the capital of Ill-Khanid dynasty

Mausoleum of Oljaytu

we will arrive at Zanjan and have dinner

Overnight in Zanjan

soltaniye - zanjan - Iran in depth

soltaniye – zanjan – Iran in depth

Day 4 of Iran in depth


 After having the breakfast, we will have a tour in Zanjan which is known for  beautiful handcrafts such as knives, traditional sandals called charoogh and malileh. we will visit:

the traditional wash house of Qajar Era which is now the Museum of Anthropology in Zanjan.

Jame mosque, dating back to 19th century.

and after having lunch we will visit:

A Traditional House, now called Zolfaghari Museum.
Zanjān Bazaar, one of the largest bazaars in Iran from the Qajar era.
and we will move to Tabriz

Overnight in Tabriz

wash house in Zanjan - Iran in depth

wash house in Zanjan

Day 5 Iranin depth

Tabriz – St. Thaddeus Monastery – Jolfa

We’ll have the breakfast and move to St.Thaddeus Monastery or what is called Qara Kelisa in Iran ( Qara Kelisa means Black Church). This is known as the oldest church in the world. The church was rebuilt after an earthquake destroyed its structure .

we’ll have lunch near the site and then move to Jolfa.
Visit of the Saint Stepanos Monastery, located in the hills near Jolfa.

We’ll drive back to Tabriz and have dinner there.

  Overnight in Tabriz
St.Thaddeus Monastery - Qara Kelisa - Iran in Depth

St.Thaddeus Monastery – Qara Kelisa – Iran in Depth

Day 6 Iran in depth

Tabriz-Kandovan / Takab

After breakfast, our Iran travel agency has considered a tour in Tabriz for you. we will visit:

Jame Mosque and Kaboud Mosque (Blue Mosque), which is considered the masterpiece of enameled decoration in Iran.

Municipality Building

Arg-e Ali Shah


After having lunch, we’ll move to Takab through Kandovan. so we will visit:

Ancient village of Kandovan (Before Islam)
and we’ll move for Takāb.

Overnight in Takāb

El Goli - Iran in Depth

El Goli – Iran in Depth

Kandovan village - Iran in Depth

Kandovan village

Day 7


Let’s continue our Iran travel by this Iran Travel Agency. In Takāb we will discover the impressive ruins of Takht-e-Soliman (Salamon throne) one of the most interesting archaeological sites of western Iran. The access road passes through a pretty village built of raw brick, so we will visit the Karaftu caves.

We’ll move to Kermanshah.

Overnight in Kermanshah

Takab - Takhte Soleiman - Iran in Depth


Day 8 of Iran in depth

Kermanshah-Khoram Abaad

Our Iran Travel Agent helps you visit Kermanshah sites and then we will move to Khorram Abad.

Overnight in Khoram Abad

Khoram Abad - Iran in Depth - Iran tour

Khoram Abad – Iran in Depth – Iran tour

Day 9 of Iran in depth

Khoram Abad-Tchogha Zanbil

 we’ll visit Choqa Zanbil and visit the ruins of a gigantic Ziggurat. Chogha Zanbil, the great religious city of the Elamites, is located in southwestern Iran, 40km southeast of the ancient city of Susa and north of Ahvaz. Chogha Zanbil was founded in the 13th century BC by King Untash Napirisa.

you’ll have lunch and then we will move to Susa. and visit:

Tomb of Daniel

Overnight in Ahvaz

Danial Nabi tomb - prophet Daniel - Iran in Depth

Danial Nabi tomb

Day 10 of Iran in depth


Our Iran Travel Agency takes you to the airport to fly to Shiraz. And then you’ll have a full day tour visiting:

Museum & Garden of Narenjestan
Nasirolmolk Mosque
Mausoleum of Hafez, the great Persian poet
Madrasa of Khan
Caravanserai of Saray-E-Mochir, located at the end of the bazaar.

Overnight in Shiraz


Nasir-ol molk or pink mosque - Iran in depth

Nasir-ol molk or pink mosque

Day 11 of Iran in depth


on the 11th day of our tour by this Iran Travel Agency, we will visit:

Persepolis (57kms) the most impressive archaeological site of the country with the palaces of Darius and Xerxes.
Naghsh-e-Rostam, the necropolis of the Achaemenid and Sassanid kings with their famous rock-reliefs and Naghsh-E-Rajab.
We’ll drive back to Shiraz and visit
the Gate of the Qur’an (Darvazeh Ghor’an), which contains a great Quran that protects the city and its inhabitants.
You will discover the Tomb of Khaju-E-Kermani, great poet of the thirteenth century and the master of Hafez.
Overnight in Shiraz
Persepolis - Iran in Depth


Necropolis in Iran - Iran tour - Iran in depth

Necropolis in Iran

Day 12 of Iran in depth


After having breakfast, we’ll move to Bishapur to see the ancient royal city of Bishapur built by Shapur I in 266. We’ll also visit famous rock reliefs in Tange Chogan. You’ll have lunch  And we’ll then drive back to  Shiraz and visit

Chah Cheragh Holy Shrine

Overnight in Shiraz

Bishapur - Iran in Depth

Bishapur – Iran in Depth

Shah cheragh, shiraz - Iran in Depth

Shah cheragh, shiraz

Day 13 of Iran Zoroastrian Tour


Our Iran Tour Operator takes you to Yazd. but on the way we have so many sites to see; like:

Pasargadae, ancient Achaemenid Capital and where the Tomb of Cyrus is located.
we’ll move on to yazd and visit Abarkouh on the way, which is a small oasis town in the desert and we’ll visit Jame Mosque and the 5000 year old Cypress.
We’ll get to Yazd old caravan city.
At sunset, we’ll visit the beautiful Zoroastrian village of Cham and the henna mill.

Overnight in Yazd

Pasargadae - Tomb of Cyrus - Iran in Depth

Pasargadae – Tomb of Cyrus

Abarkooh Cypress - Iran in Depth

Abarkooh Cypress

Day 14 Iran in depth


This Travel Agency in Iran has a one-day tour for you in Yazd. on this day, we will visit:

Dolat Abad Garden with the largest Wind Cather in the world.
The Tower of Silence (a Zoroastrian funeral tower built in 1056).
Mausoleum of Roknaddine (the founder of the Jame Mosque).
The Fire Temple (a Zoroastrian temple where a sacred fire has burned continuously for 1500 years).
You’ll have lunch in the town and then we’ll visit:
Jame Mosque dating back to the 14th century.
Amir Chakhmaq Complex and the Bazaar.
The Wind Catchers, traditional construction that allows to ventilate the houses and keep the water cool.
Water Museum

Overnight in Yazd

Amir Chakhmaq Complex in Yazd - Iran in Depth

Amir Chakhmaq Complex in Yazd

Towers of Silence - Iran in Depth

Towers of Silence

Day 15


 Let’s continue our Iran travel by this Iran Travel Agency. we will move to Isfahan, but on the way we will discover:

Mesr Desert

We will have our lunch in Khour and then continue our way to Isfahan. in Isfahan we will visit:

Khaju Bridge

Si-o-se pol

Overnight in Isfahan

Mesr Desert - Iran in Depth

Mesr Desert

Si o Se Pol - Iran in Depth

Si o Se Pol

Day 16 of Iran in depth


on the 16th day of the tour  , we will have a full day tour of Isfahan, visiting:

Imam Mosque

Ali Qapu Palace

we’ll have the Lunch in town and then visit:

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Chehel Sotoun Palace

Hacht Behesht Palace

at the end you’ll have free time to stroll in the grand bazaar

Overnight in Isfahan

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - Iran in Depth

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Chehel Setoon Palace - Iran in Depth

Chehel Setoon Palace

Day 17 of Iran in depth


After having breakfast, we help you visit other sites in Isfahan, such as:

Vank Cathedral

Jame Mosque of Isfahan

Mausoleum of Haroun Velayat

Chahar Baq School

Museum of Decorative Arts 

Overnight in Isfahan

Vank Cathedral in Isfahan - Iran in Depth

Vank Cathedral in Isfahan

Jame Mosque of Isfahan

Jame Mosque of Isfahan

Day 18 of Iran in depth


Our Iran Travel Agency takes you to the great city of Kashan, but on the way we have so many other sites to visit.

We’ll stop in Natanz and visit the funeral complex of Abd Al-Samad, also called Jame Mosque.
then we’ll drive to the Abyaneh , the beautiful red village in Iran(70 km southeast of Kashan).
we’ll visit Qanats (underground canals) en route.
in Kashan we can visit:
Mausoleum of Shazdeh Ibrahim (19th century).

Overnight in Kashan


Abyaneh - Iran in Depth


Day 19 of Iran in depth


we will continue to visit other sites in Kashan:

Agha Bozorg mosque and school
The Amino Doleh Timche in the Kashan Bazaar
We will drive to the capital of Iran, Tehran.
Overnight in Tehran
Agha bozorg mosque - Iran in Depth

Agha bozorg mosque

Day 20 of Iran in depth


After having breakfast, our Iran travel agency helps you explore Tehran, visiting:

Archaeological Museum

Palace of Sa’d Abad

You will have free time to visit the Bazaar and Nature Bridge

Overnight in Tehran

Sa'ad Abad Palace - Iran in Depth

Sa’ad Abad Palace

archaeological museum - Iran in Depth

archaeological museum

Day 21 of Iran in depth


This is the end of our Iran in Depth Tour. You will be transferred to the airport for departure.

” The Tour Price Will Be Negotiable Based on Your Budget “


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