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Iran Villages Tour by Iran Destination

Iran Villages Tour

Duration: 14 nights and 15 Days

Cities: Tabriz, Kandovan, Sarein, Masouleh,  Tehran, Abyaneh, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Meymand, Shiraz


Iran Villages Tour includes the following highlights:

Kandovan: Kandovan Village includes man-made cliff dwellings still inhabited by the locals.

Sarein: Sarein, in Ardabil, attracts many visitors for its hot water springs (spa) and their medical benefits.

Masouleh: Masouleh is known for its different architecture and beautiful green nature in north of Iran.

Abyaneh : Abyaneh Village in Isfahan, Iran is also known as Red Village and famous for its women’s traditional dresses.

Meymand: Meymand is a cave village in Kerman, Iran, with locals still living in these caves.



Iran Villages Tour is not available everywhere. This is the best choice for those who like to have a different unique visit in Iran and get to know the pure  ancient Iranian culture still alive in Iran villages. all of the villages included in this tour have special features of their own, not seen in any other place of Iran. The cliff village, Red village, spa village, and cave village of Iran are all visited in the Iran Villages Tour offered by Iran Destination. Do Not Miss This Great Opportunity.



Itinerary Days

Day 1 : Tabriz (Arrival)

On the first day of Iran villages tour, you arrive at Tabriz International Airport, you will be transferred to your hotel. In the afternoon you visit:

overnight in Tabriz

el-goli- Iran villages tour

el-goli- Iran villages tour

Day 2 : Tabriz-Kandovan (56.1 km)

 During the second day of Iran villages tour, by Iran Destination, you will visit Kandovan village, the history of which dates back to 800 years ago and is built on mountains with unique architecture.

overnight at Kandovan

Kandovan-Iran villages tour

Kandovan-Iran villages tour

day 1 in Iran cultural tours consists of

Day 3 : Kandovan-Sarein (252 km)

on the third day we will drive to Sarein (in Ardebil province) which is known for its hot spring waters. The spring of Sarein is located near an inactive volcano in Sabalan Mountain and this water contains Sulfur particles.

Overnight in Sarein

Sarein. Iran villages tour

Sarein. Iran villages tour

Day 4 : Sarein-Masouleh (239 km)

On the fourth day of this tour by our Iran Travel Agency, we will go to Masouleh, a village that maintains a unique culture. En route, you will enjoy the road from Asalem and Khalkhal and the citadel of Rodkhan to Foman.
Overnight in Masouleh


Masouleh-iran villages tour

Masouleh-iran villages tour

Day 5 : Masouleh-Tehran(379 km)

With this Iran Travel Agent, you will drive to Tehran and en route you can enjoy the Caspian Sea coast and Tehran scenic routes.

Overnight in Tehran

Day 6: Tehran

 On the sixth day of our Iran villages tour, we will take a visit of Tehran highlights:
Iran National Museum and Carpet Museum
museum of ceramics and glass
Golestan Palace

overnight in Tehran

National Museum of Iran

National Museum of Iran

Golestan Palace- Iran Villages Tour

Golestan Palace- Iran Villages Tour

Day 7 : Tehran-Abyaneh (318 KM)

On the seventh day of the tour offered by this Persian Travel Agency, We go to Abyaneh, the red village with a history of over 3500 years. This village has a special architecture in a different climate. the lifestyle and clothing of people in Abyaneh is also another attraction.
Overnight in Abyaneh

visiting Abyaneh Village, in Isfahan Province, Iran

Abyaneh Village, in Isfahan Province, Iran


Day 8 : Abyaneh-Isfahan (174 KM)

During the eighth day of this Iran villages tour, we will continue our trip to Esfahan. En route we will visit:
An old building in Isfahan with a fire temple that dates back to Sassanid period
overnight in Isfahan

Day 9 : Isfahan ( Iran villages tour)

Isfahan is one of the finest cities in the Islamic world and known for its Islamic and brilliant architecture. in the 9th day of our Iran tour we will visit:

Overnight at Isfahan

Sheikhlotfolah Mosque in Iran Cultural tour

Sheikh lotfolah Mosque


Naqshe Jahan Square in Esfahan during IRan Cultural tour

Naqshe Jahan Square in Esfahan


visiting Ali Qapu Palace during Iran Cultural tour

Ali Qapu Palace

day 1 in Iran cultural tours consists of

Day 10 : Isfahan-Yazd (312 km)

After check out we will drive from Isfahan to Yazd, city of Zoroastrians to visit:

overnight in Yazd

zoroastrian fire temple in yazd

zoroastrian fire temple in yazd

Amir chakhmagh square - Iran villages tour

Amir chakhmagh square

Day 11: Yazd-Kerman (369)

on the 11th day of our Iran villages tour we will drive to Kerman and visit:

Shazdeh Garden in Mahan, Kerman

overnight in Kerman

shazde garden in kerman - Iran villages tour

shazde garden in kerman

Day 12: Kerman-Meymand (243 km)

 On the twelfth day of the tour offered by our Iran travel agent, we drive to Meymand to visit the oldest village in Iran; the history of Meymand dates back to 12000 years ago, the main attraction of this village is the fortress of the Sassanid period and the cave dwellings.

overnight in Meymand village

Meymand Village - Iran Villages Tour

Meymand Village – Iran Villages Tour

Day 13: Meymand-Shiraz (393)

 on the 13th day of our Iran villages tour, our Iran travel agent takes you to Shiraz, this memorable city and we will visit:

overnight in Shiraz

Saadi Tomb - Iran villages tour

Saadi Tomb – Iran villages tour

Day 14 : Shiraz

during this day, you have an excursion of the beautiful villages near Shiraz with a pleasant temperature.

overnight in Shiraz

Day 15 : Shiraz

the day 15 of our Iran villages tour includes visiting some of the best attractions in Shiraz, such as:

  • Zandiyeh Complex: Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque, Vakil bath, Karim Khan citadel

after that, we will have the transfer to the airport for departure.


try our Iran villages tour and you will definitely enjoy it.


” The Tour Price Will Be Negotiable Based on Your Budget “

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