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What is Stone Dizi?

Beef, brine or daisy are some of our favorite Iranian dishes. Food that brings together all the family members. In some areas it is also called Pitti. Stone Dizi is one of those foods that should be eaten on Fridays and on holidays. After eating, he sat by the side and sipped his sugar tea.

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Dizi , an Old Food in Iran

Dizi cooks and serves different dishes. However, the roast cooked in a stone pot has a different flavor. We have prepared the following material and even tell you the tricks how preparing it.

Stone Dizi is even famous among the foreign tourists who come to Iran. It has become one of the most attractive traditional foods of Iran that learn the special customs of Dizi.

In many Stone Dizi shops and especially on weekends you can see many customers waiting for their specialty Dizi. Some restaurants use single or sometimes aluminum utensils for baking daisy. However, it is said to be the most delicious Dizi found among the stone containers.

Stone Dizi , Iranian Food , Iran Destination

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