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Visit Iran by bus

Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? We want to talk about visit iran with bus for traveling to Iran. Travel to Iran to get to know about it. Are you interested in experiencing that? what do you know about Iran destination tour one of the most famous Iran travel agency in shiraz and also Iran? This is great and you can be sure that the most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. In this article, we introduce all the requirements to travel to Iran. Also, the do and don’ts of traveling to Iran. Also, we answer this question: how to travel to Iran.

Iran tour

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Road transportation and visit iran with bus

Road transport between different cities of Iran is done in two ways: bus and taxi. As a general rule about transportation in Iran, keep in mind that in Iran there are buses from every provincial center to other provincial centers. Iranian intercity buses are classified into two types, ordinary and special (VIP). Some large passenger terminals have buses to smaller cities in addition to provincial capitals. In every province, there are buses from all cities and towns to other cities. The general rule in Iran is that if there is no direct ticket from origin to destination, you can easily travel to any of the neighboring provinces by bus from any province.

Of course, the minibus also operates on shorter routes and smaller cities, which due to its low standards in accordance with the standards of the UNWTO, we do not recommend using it. (Unless you are traveling precisely for the purpose of experiencing new phenomena in the direction of maximum sensory and experimental affinity with your host community, or you want to travel at the lowest cost).

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Chalous and its unique beauties

Chalous Road is one of the most seductive roads in Iran and one of the most beautiful routes that we recommend you to travel there by buying a bus ticket. Because you can visit each of the sights of Chalous Road and enjoy its pleasant climate and take photos of its lush landscapes. (Of course, it is also possible to use a personal car.)

Azadkuh peak with dreamy views

At the foot of one of the highest mountain ranges in Central Alborz, lies the pristine nature that hosts many people for hiking and mountaineering every year. You can relax on the slopes of Azad Mountain or its more common title, Azadkuh, and enjoy mountaineering at its heights. This area is located in Baladeh section and Noor city, and the easiest way to climb it is to go to Klak Bala and Varangeh Rud village and Nesan village.

The Mesr desert with its magical sands

Usually when the name desert wandering occurs; The first thing that comes to mind is its starry and breathtaking nights. But the desert of Mesr or the central desert of Iran, more tourist attractions are prepared for travelers and is known as one of the best deserts in Iran. Before any advice, it is good to know that traveling to the desert of Mesr is one of the different and unique trips that you will never forget. The silence and tranquility of the desert attract you so much that it will leave you with a mystical theme beyond any entertainment or excursion.

Since this area is located in the village of Kavir Mesr and the city of Khor Biabank in Isfahan and is located 45 km from Jandagh or 55 km from Khor, you can not travel there directly, but must first come to Isfahan and then by bus or Get to your destination by car.

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Central desert

Ramsar with heavenly roads

Ramsar Dalkhani forest road which is located in Mazandaran province; It is one of the most amazing forest routes in Iran that you should visit at least once. Humid and temperate climate, lush greenery, a sea of ​​fog and pictures that say it all.

Visit iran with bus


Ardabil and dream passes

One of the best cities to travel by bus is the beautiful city and 4 seasons of Ardabil province because its road is so enclosing that it is nothing short of Chalous road. It can be boldly said that Heyran pass in spring is one of the best places to see in Iran and one of the most beautiful road routes that forces every traveler to stop with its famous Ash Doogh. People who have traveled there know how heartwarming and dreamy it can be to soak up the rain and the cool breezes and the sweet smell of the trees that have disappeared in the fog. You can ride the Heyran Pass cable car and go to higher altitudes to see these beauties. Also, if you enjoy snowy roads, never miss a trip to Ardabil in winter.

Although there are plane tickets or train tickets on the route from Tehran to Ardabil, Gilan to Ardabil, etc., buying a bus ticket from Tehran to Ardabil, a bus ticket from Gilan to Ardabil, etc. is a smarter choice because of the advantages of traveling by bus. From all the facilities between the road and watching the beauties of the route.