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Why Travel to Iran?

Day by day, Iran goes up through online searching engines for those who wish to travel to Iran. Iran, a multi-cultural region, benefits some particular landscapes which part of them are rooted in other countries. If you are Italian, for sure you’ll find something about your country here in Iran; are you Spaniards? you will find something related to your culture just experience  a “Why travel to Iran?”.

Travel to Iran, where East meets West (Statue of Hercules in Behistun)

where East meets West (Statue of Greece Hercules in Beistun)

However, travel to Iran can lead you a different world, where east meets west. Beside everything else, Iran has always been kind to different cultures and religions.

This point therefore allows to people around the world to travel to Iran and experience what they have never seen before.

Iran benefits of thousands ancient reliefs, photo: @SamDavani Iran benefits of thousands ancient reliefs, photo: @SamDavani

Iran, with 23 World Heritage Sites, consider one of the popular destination for travelers who interesting in travelling  Iran.

Tourists who visit Iran however find out there are many different and delicious international foods and desserts. Italian pizza, American-style burgers along side Persian dishes make a variety of  foods for people who visiting Iran.

American style Burger American style Burger in Iran!

Travel to Iran is not only limited to historical and cultural landscapes, if you are interested in shopping you can find many wonderful shopping centers with international nature which make you amuse and wonder.

Persian Gulf Shopping Center, one of the biggest in term of number of shopers , according to realiran.org Persian Gulf Shopping Center, one of the biggest in term of number of shops , according to realiran.org

Iran Destination, Iran tour and travel agency, helps you to discover Iran  and explore all these amazing places in Iran. You can choose an Iran Tour among our Iran Package Tours, and then you will visit any cities you like. If you have any ideas or any questions, please feel free to ask our friendly team members, whether through online chat or through Contact Us page.

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