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Iran Souvenirs

Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? Do want to travel to iran? Don’t forget to buy Iranian souvenirs. We want to tell you about top 10 iranian souvenirs : what to buy in Iran by Iran Destination. What do you know about Iran destination tour one of the most famous Iran travel agency in shiraz and also Iran? This is great and you can be sure that the most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. In this article, we introduce all the requirements to travel to Iran. Also, the do’s and don’ts of traveling to Iran. Also, we answer this question: how to travel to iran.

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What to buy as Iranian Souvenirs?

Are you asking yourself what to buy as an Iranian Souvenirs? When you travel to Iran, you will for sure visit its great bazaars in different cities as Shiraz, Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, etc. All these bazaars are full of various interesting things mostly just found in Iran. Therefore, you should have enough information about the Iranian souvenirs in advance to get rid of confusion. So read the following article on “Iranian Souvenirs” written by Iran Destination group, a well-known Iran Tour Operator providing amazing Iran Tour Packages and Iran travel services.

Iranian souvenirs:  1. Persian Carpets

No doubt everyone knows well how famous Persian carpets and rugs are. Most of Iran visitors decide to buy Persian carpet as a souvenir. So before buying it, pay attention to these points: First you have to pay attention to the knot count. A quality rug usually has at least 120 knots per square inch. Look at the back of a carpet, it has much to say. Handmade carpets have a soft backing and bigger knots. However machine made rugs are clearly uniform in knots.

Second, you should know that Silk, wool, or a combination of both of them are the main materials of Persian Carpets. Those which are 100% pure silk, have a shiny finish. Wool is the most common material of making rugs. You can find the Persian rugs in  Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz, Kashan, Isfahan, Tabriz and Tehran bazaars.


Iranian souvenirs: 2. Iranian Pistachio, Nuts and Saffron

Most Iran visitors consider buying pistachio for themselves or as souvenir for their friends. Alldays you can buy Pistachios in two shapes, shelled pistachios and pistachio seeds. If you like to buy shelled pistachio, you’d better buy “Akbari”, “Kale Qoochi” or “Ahmad Aqai” pistachios which are the most famous with the best quality among all; therefore, they are a bit more expensive. The yummy pistachio are from Rafsenjan in Kerman.

you can enjoy various salted and unsalted dry fruits in every Iranian bazaar such as almonds, dates, melon seeds and other nuts in any size and shape! Iranian usually use  salted nuts  as snacks.

Saffron is another thing special to Iran and an indispensable part of Persian kitchen. This is also a good choice as a souvenir. To get more information about saffron, make sure to read our article on Persian Saffron.

Top 10 Iranian Souvenirs : What to Buy in Iran by Iran Destination


Top 10 Iranian Souvenirs : What to Buy in Iran by Iran Destination

Iranian souvenirs:  3.Handmade Cloths

Different cities in Iran have different handmade cloths special to themselves. In Isfahan you can find Ghalamkari, the traditional textile printing in which floral and geometric patterns are pressed onto cotton cloths. In Kerman, you can buy Pateh, which is really astonishing and can be defined as a naturally dyed, hand-sticed cloth made of wool.  Likewise, in Yazd the most famous cloth you can find is Termeh. Termeh is a kind fabric with  threads of gold in it .

Top 10 Iranian Souvenirs


Top 10 Iranian Souvenirs


Top 10 Iranian Souvenirs

Termeh- Iranian Souvenirs

Iranian souvenirs: 4. Persian tea (Chai)

The first thing that attracts your attention when you contact Iranian people during your trip to Iran, is how much Iranians drink tea during a day. So, it can be a good choice as a souvenir from Iran which reminds you of Persian culture. Persian black tea is most famous for its smell, color and TASTE. You can find it in Gilan province in north of Iran. If you want to know the best Persian tea brands, I can recommend you “Sargol tea”, “Momtaz tea” and “Chai Shekasteh”.

Beside the tea itself, you can buy a tea set featured with the so-called image of Shah Abbas. The red one is more authentic. If you have extra room in your baggage, you can even bring back a Samovar to have tea in true Iranian manner.

Top 10 Iranian Souvenirs : What to Buy in Iran by Iran Destination

Iranian Tea

 5. Persian Pottery and Ceramics

The oldest proofs from Iran history reveals that pottery even dates back before the Persian Empire. You can find the most beautiful Potteries in Lajin city in Hamedan . In addition to Lajin, Meybod and Natanz also keep this old tradition alive with their hand-made dishes and mugs. however, If you pay a visit to the National Museum of Iran in Tehran, you can see great astonishing old Persian ceramics and potteries.

Top 10 Iranian Souvenirs : What to Buy in Iran by Iran Destination


Top 10 Iranian Souvenirs : What to Buy in Iran by Iran Destination

 6. Iran Caviar

The Iranian caviar is one of  the best caviar in all around the world, also it is a lucrative export good from Iran. Persian caviar is mostly collecting from sturgeons near Bandar-e Torkaman, in north of Iran. Robert Courtliness believes Persian caviar tastes like a sea candy, filled with iodine and powdered with mystery!


7. Khatamkari

consequently, Khatam Kari is the art of marquetry mostly native in Shiraz and also Isfahan. it is so interesting to see how small tiny pieces of wood, metal and bone are collected together to create amazing decorative objects like jewelry boxes, backgammon boards, picture frames, dishes, etc. Khatam Kari is best found in Shiraz Vakil Bazaar and Isfahan bazaar around Naqsh-e Jahan square.

Khatam Kari-

Khatam Kari-

8. Rose Water

Rose water, or GOLAB is producing from the perfumed flowers which existing planted for about 7000 years in Iran. Which city has the best rose water in Iran? Well, Kashan county in Isfahan has the purest and most delicious rose water in Iran. Qamsar and Niasar are two small villages  near Kashan which you can find rose water with special ceremonies there.

Top 10 Iranian Souvenirs : What to Buy in Iran by Iran Destination

Rose water

9. Persian Jewelry and Precious Stones

The precious and semi-precious stones will attract all the visitors in all the Iranian Bazaars. These are good options as souvenirs or gifts to your beloveds. You can find nice pre-made stone jewelries or you can also buy the raw stones and ask them to make jewelry just as you wish.

Turquoise  Stone is more prominent in Iranian culture than other . Moreover, turquoise stone has many benefits; for example, Iranians believe it protects you from the evil eye, against accidents and the like. It also removes stress and depression.

above all, Nishapur city in Khorasan province is well-known for its important turquoise mines. If you travel to Nishapur, you can buy some turquoise stones there.Also, you cand find it everywhere in Iran, even in every house. So it can be a great option for buying souvenir as a reminder of Iran.

Top 10 Iranian Souvenirs : What to Buy in Iran by Iran Destination

turquoise stone

10. One of the best Iranian souvenirs: Mina Kari

If you travel to Isfahan, don’t forget to buy Minakari, or enameled, handicrafts.  when you enter the city you realize that this city is  highly connecting with aesthetic beauty and art. Walking in the Grand Bazaar around Naqsh-e Jahan square, you will see lots of enameled dishes. Copper surfaces are traditionally using for decorating with birds and floral patterns on an azure background, but red and green versions can also be seen. You can also see some artists busy creating new pieces of artworks in the old section of Isfahan Bazaar.

Top 10 Iranian Souvenirs : What to Buy in Iran by Iran Destination

Mina Kari


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