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Northern Iran is full of natural and spectacular attractions. A place where you discover new attractions moment by moment by walking in its nature. Today we want to talk about Hasel swamp. An attraction with a different color and smell that has many tourists with the beautiful nature around it. One of the sights and spectacles of Mazandaran province is Hasal swamp. This swamp is located 10 km southwest of Chalus.

Hasal Swamp

Where is Hasal Swamp?

To see Hasal swamp, you have to go to Chalus. Enter the dense forests. Hasal swamp is located 10 km southwest of Chalous city and 15 km northwest of Marzanabad city in Mazandaran province. In the south to the forests of Sote Lar and the Kardasht region. From the north and northwest to the old torch barn and the Mashal Mozi area. From the east it reaches the area of ​​Mashal Lat. Hasal swamp in the historical village of Talajo within the forest pastures of this settlement. And the village of Sinava is also located in the heart of the lush and beautiful forest of Mashal Mozi, which is also famous as Fin or Mohammadabad forest.

Hasal swamp

Hasal swamp

More about this swamp

There are algae on the swamp that are green in spring and summer. They turn the lagoon into a bright and precious emerald. As soon as summer is over, it gradually changes color to red and orange, making the swamp look warm and fiery. The color is in perfect harmony with the surrounding trees. And it creates magical scenes. Autumn is one of the best times to see this swamp. In this season, the colors have created poetic and magical scenes that will keep you watching for a long time. You can sit in a corner, listening to the voices of the creatures around you. Nature is so diverse here that you will not be satisfied with what you see.

Why is this swamp called Hasal?

Hasal swamp is also known as Kanichal, Kano Chal, Gan Ochal and Mashl. However, the most famous of these names are Hasal. Hasal means stagnant water and seasonal pond. In the Tabari dialect, it is used for a reservoir. Evaporation of water usually begins in winter and continues until the second half of spring. Since the mentioned pond is dehydrated in some years and its water sinks to the bottom, it can be included in the definition of Hasal.

What are the characteristics of Hasal swamp?

Around the swamp are covering with towering trees in the forest. And they hide it like a pearl in the heart of an oyster. When you go to see Hasal, you will see that the algae is half a centimeter in diameter on the stagnant water of this swamp. The presence of these algae has caused the color variety of Hasal. In such a way that the shaded parts of the trees look completely green. Also, in the middle of the swamp and close to its center, bright orange and red colors can be seen. Also, it is interesting to know that Hasal water is not suppling from any rivers, streams or surface water.

Life in Hasal

Hasel swamp is one of the pristine areas and unique nature of Mazandaran. But in recent years, the construction of roads in the south and the consequent increase in the number of tourists have brought pollution to this place and changed its life. In fact, the Natural Resources Organization dug up the depths of this pristine forest with dirt roads in order to harvest forest trees. Hasel swamp used to be home to turtles, toads and leeches, which are now very rare. It is a breeding ground for animals and predators, including cheetahs and leopards. Fish do not live inside the swamp. But some people have disrupted the swamp ecosystem by releasing goldfish. Also, Hasel swamp vegetation includes oak, beech and boxwood trees. Some trees are forest fruits such as wild sour apples, wild grapes, figs, pomegranates and various medicinal plants such as chamomile.

When is the best time to visit Hasal swamp?

Hasal Swamp has its own beauties in every season. In spring and summer, the lushness and freshness of the forest is spectacular. And in the colorful autumn season of enchanting nature. In fact, autumn is the best time to visit this place. Because the red and orange algae in the swamp create an indescribable view that you will never get enough of.  In the second half of autumn to mid-spring, the volume of water increases with the fall of monsoon rains. But in the summer it evaporates quickly to the point where the bottom of the pond is quite visible. This swamp has a different appearance in each season and seeing it will never be repeated. It is not just the swamp itself that is beautiful and deceptive. The path to reach it has imaginative and magical attractions.

Hasal swamp

Hasal swamp

Where to stay overnight?

The beautiful nature tempts you to experience the pleasure of staying in the nights of the forest and the swamp. You can stay in the heart of the forest by setting up tents and camps. But our advice to you is to spend the night in eco-lodges and other nearby resorts to preserve the environment and disrupt the ecosystem of this place. You can join our team, Iran Destination, and get more acquainted with this beautiful village. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.