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Iran and America

Lorestan province

Perhaps Lorestan province is famous for its high waterfalls, but there are also other attractions, such as Khazineh Valley which is known as the Grand Canyon of Iran, although other regions in Iran also have this name.

Lorestan is located in a mountainous region that has a moderate climate in spring and summer. However, due to the location of Khazineh Valley in an area exposed to sunlight, it is best to choose spring or early autumn to travel to this area.

Khazineh Valley , Iran America War

Khazineh Canyon

Moreover, Khazineh Canyon is one of the wonders of Iran nature, which has been caused by years of erosion. This amazing valley was the tallest suspended bridge of Iran, which has now been demolished. Khazineh Valley is one  of the unique attractions of Iran that lies in the middle of the road to the town of Andymeshk which is similar to Grand Canyon National Park in USA.

Grand Canyon , Iran America

Grand Canyon , Iran America

Iran America Wonders

The great resemblance of this attraction, Khazineh Valley, with the Grand Canyon National Park is a special feature that wonders everyone.

Khazineh Valley’ Bridge

The suspended bridge of Khazineh Valley is one of the main attractions of this valley and is considered the tallest bridge of Iran and the Middle East. The length of the bridge is 112 meters and its height and width are 85 and 80 meters respectively.

Prior to the bridge, Meshgin Shahr Suspension Bridge in Ardabil province was the tallest bridge in Iran. But now the suspended bridge of Khazineh Valley is 5 meters high, the tallest bridge in Iran. This bridge is built with the solidity of joining Russian wood and four cable ropes.

Khazineh Valley , Iran America

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