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Rafting in Iran

Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? We want to tell you about rafting in iran. Are you interested in experiencing that? what do you know about Iran destination tour one of the most famous Iran travel agency in shiraz and also Iran? This is great and you can be sure that the most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. In this article, we introduce all the requirements to travel to Iran. Also, the do’s and don’ts of traveling to Iran. Also, we answer this question: how to travel to iran.

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About rafting in Iran

Although Iran has a rich history in river trips, but sports like rafting are almost new in Iran. The standard rafting in Iran started in Chahar Mahal o Bakhtiari province, on Armand River. You may think that Iran is all about deserts and there is no chance of rafting in Iran. But here, Iran Destination, a travel agency in Iran, is going to provide you with comprehensive information on the best places to raft in Iran. Just follow this Iran travel agent and get all you need.

Why Rafting in Iran?

As you know travelling to Iran is really low-cost. So you can travel to Iran and visit a vast range of historical attractions and beside them, enjoy adventurous sports like rafting. Many of the rivers I’m going to talk about are located in the historical Iran cities. So, when it’s an economical and all-inclusive trip, why not trying it?

When is the best time for rafting in Iran?

April, May and June are the best months for rafting in Iran; also it can be done during autumn. But as Iran has diverse climate in different parts, this time may differ in some areas of Iran.

Rafting in Iran by Iran Destination

Rafting in Iran by Iran Destination

Can I raft alone in Iran?

Actually, this is not a simple activity to raft in Iran rivers. So you have to do it with a group of professionals. You’re doing it for good memories, so please keep it in mind to raft with professional guides. Iran Destination, Iran travel agency, offers many adventure tours in a year, including rafting in exciting rivers of Iran.

The best Iran Rivers for Rafting

Armand River

The main source of famous Karun River in south-west of Iran is Armand River which is located in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province, among Zagros Mountains. Along the river and on its both sides, there is an amazing landscape that you can enjoy while rafting. This 20-km long river is a wavy one, with waves of 2 to 4 levels.

Rafting in Armand

Rafting in Armand

Zayandeh Rood (Zayandeh River)

Zayanderh River is huge river in central Iran, in Isfahan, having great famous bridges on it, like si-o-se pol and khajou bridge. As of the shortage of water in Iran, this river has more water during spring. So if you choose Zayandeh River for rafting in Iran, you’d better try it in spring. It has three branches, and the shortest of which is 3 kilometers long. It takes 30 minutes to take this route.

The level of Zayandeh river ranges from 2 to 3; so it’s an appropriate place for those adventure lovers who enjoy good health conditions and have between 12 to 50 years old.

Rafting in Iran - Iran Destination-min

Rafting in Iran

Caesar River

Caesar river is located in Lorestan River and it’s a branch of Dez river. This is a good option both for professionals and for beginners, as the wave levels range from 2 and 3 to 4.

Rafting in Iran - Ceazar River

Rafting in Iran – Caezar River

Haraz River

Haraz river is in north of Iran, in Mazandaran province. The river is 4 kilometers long, if you start rafting from Mirza Kuchak Khan park to Amol city, it takes almost 2 hours.

The level of waves differs in different parts, for example before Gazanak the level is 2 or 3, which is proper for healthy adventurous people. But if you’re a beginner, you’d better not go to the rest parts, as the wave level is 4 and it’s more suitable for champion.


Rafting in Haraz

Arvand River

If you’re looking for the longest route for rafting in Iran, Arvand river is the best choice for you. This river is 20 kilometers long, located in the south-western part of Iran, Khuzestan province. Arvand Rood is one of the most exciting routs for rafting in Iran.

Rafting in Iran-

Rafting in Iran

Sirvan River

The western parts of Iran are among those un-known places not everyone visits. But who ever travels to these places is really shocked by the nature and culture. Sirvan River is located in Kurdistan River, exactly in Huraman area. The meandrous path of Sirvan River makes it a unique location for professional and beginners’ rafting and kayaking. The wave levels range from 3 to 5 in Sirvan River.

Sirvan River - Rafting in Iran

Sirvan River

Sefid Rood (Sefid River)

The second longest river in Iran is Sefid rood or Sefid River. If scenery is important to you, Sefid river is a good choice for you, just like Armand River, as you’ll pass through plains, mountains, villages and fields. Of the most amazing attractions you’ll see on the way, are Herzwil’s 3000 year old cedar and Manjil dam. The wave levels are 2 and 3, so it’s appropriate for both rafting and kayaking.

Rafting in Iran - Iran travel agency

Rafting in Iran

Karaj River

Those who’re near the capital of Iran, Tehran, can choose Karaj River for their rafting. This river originates from southern Alborz Mountain and is good both for beginners and professional, as the wave level ranges from 2 to 4.

Rafting time

Rafting in Iran

As you see Iran has lots of wonders to offer. Just make your mind and travel to Iran, this amazing country. Iran Destination, Iran Tour Operator, offers different types of Iran tour packages, including Iran adventure tour. If you’re into adventure and specially rafting, you can contact us. You can choose an Iran tour or you can simply tailor made a tour. Our Iran travel agent is always ready to help you.

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