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Kish Water Sports

Kish Island is one of Iran attractions for tourists. The amusements that will each give you an indescribable thrill. Kish Water Sports such as jet skiing, banana, water park, diving, etc. are among the bests in Persian Gulf.

Flyboard , Kish Water Sports

Flyboard , Kish Water Sports


The Fly-board is one of the sports equipment that allows you to fly up to 2 meters above sea level and fly and dive into the sea. This is one of the most exciting choices. It’s a little more expensive, of course. Fly Board is one of the most enjoyable parts of the Kish tour.

Gyrocopter , Kish Water Sport

Gyrocopter , Kish Water Sport


Yes!! Gyro-Copter is the most recent recreation of Kish Island which resembles a helicopter and a plane. This fun has been well received. It can fly over the Persian Gulf in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy it.


As you may know, Diving is one of the most popular leisure activities in Kish Island. In addition, there are diving classes in Kish Island, which has made Kish Island a diving center. Diving in Kish is possible for all seasons.

Shuttle , Kish Water Sport

Shuttle , Kish Water Sport

Shuttle Kish

One of the fun and exciting creations of Kish Shuttle is that it is done in two groups, both individually and collectively. This is how the person gets on the tubes and is pulled over by high speed boats at high speeds. To ride a shuttle, you need to have strong muscles so you won’t get into the water when the boats pass by.

Submarine Scooter , Kish Water Sports

Submarine Scooter , Kish Water Sports

Kish Submarine Scooter

For those who do not know swimming or scuba diving, the submarine scooter is intended. With the help of this device can easily diving under the sea. It provides diving for people over 2 years old. Do not forget to use this machine, towels and slippers.

Speed boat patrol

Kish beach is one of the best places to have fun in Kish. Embark on a speed boat and head out into the waters of the Persian Gulf to enjoy the nature. In addition, riding on a high-speed boat is a thrill. You can also experience this fun as a group.

Kish Banana , Kish Water Sports

Kish Banana

Banana is one of the seaside resorts of Kish Island. This game can be played individually and collectively. The game resembles a banana-like tube with tubes attached to the ends of the hard boats. With the help of these boats they are drawn to sea level.

Kish Ski Cable

Iran is one of the most famous countries in the world in the field of skiing. In the Middle East, the first ski resort site belongs to Kish Island. The island of Kish also has the largest ski resort in the world. This is one of the most enjoyable recreations on the island of Kish that cannot be missed easily. Ski cabling has no specific age requirements and is completely safe and secure.

Parasol , Kish Water Sports

Parasol , Kish Water Sports


For Parasol, you can ride the umbrella with the family and pull by boat to get a nice and enjoyable climb. The height that can be reached by a parcel umbrella is between 4-5 meters and from above you can see a beautiful view of Kish.

Training and flying with gliders from Kish Island

Gliding in the skies of Kish is one of the most exciting recreations on the island of Kish. Great for people who are interested in flying and experience an indescribable thrill. This entertainment is particularly popular in the survey from tripadvisor site.

Jet ski , Kish Island

Jet ski , Kish Island

Jet ski

Most of us are familiar with jet skiing. An exciting recreation that is all in your own hands you can drive or ride. But you must be educated. Also follow its rules and regulations, as you will have to pay a fine if there is a problem.

Ocean Park , Parasol , Kish Water Sports

Ocean Park , Parasol , Kish Water Sports

Ocean Park

A unique place on the island of Kish that provides you with unforgettable time and enjoyable hours is the theme of Osh Kish Water Park. Iran’s first outdoor water park is based on the mystery of the Sun Castle.
The waterfront area has several restaurants and drinks shops, a shopping center and a spa.

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