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Iran Destination is a well-operated tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. We suggest you to have a look on our  Iran Tourism Packages.  Our Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, let’s Discover Iran Hiking Tour! 

Iran Hiking Tour

The unique geography of Iran caused a wonderful climate made it one of the few countries to have four seasons. When it rains in northwestern Iran, the southwestern cities are fully blooming with spring and in the south the weather is just like mid-summer.

This article aims to introduce some of fantastic natural attractions and ecotourist areas to the ones seeking nature and natural hiking attractions.

Iran Hiking Attractions


Damavand is not only one of the famous symbols of Iran because of its height of 2 meters, but also known as “Iranian Roof”. The summit is located on Alborz Mountains and there are various access routes. Even if you are not a professional climber you can still include hiking in the slopes of this mountain.

Alborz Mountains

The Alborz Mountains range from northeast to northwest, where you can discover many different hiking trails. You need to rent a mule that will take you through the beautiful villages and hot springs. The best time is summer to early fall.

Alamkuh, Iran Hiking Tour

Alamkuh and Hesarchal

The Solomon Khat has about 5 peaks, all of which are even more than 6,000 meters high.

Although there are two routes to reach the summit, the most recommended is Rudbarak from Kelardasht to the north. The fence is an area on your path waiting for you with yellow flowers and snowy peaks.

Talesh, Iran Hiking Tour

Talesh Mountains

Located on the border of Azerbaijan, Zanjan and Gilan provinces, the Tilar and Baghrow Mountains are where the cultural and natural diversity of beauty is visible.

You first encounter the rain-forest and then reach the plain where the sheep were brought for grazing and you can reach the sea a little later. From the flower-filled village of Sobatan, you can hike to Abbas Yurdi and the Baghdad Mountains, where nomadic tents are set up.

Sabalan, Iran Hiking Tour

Sabalan Mount

Situated in Ardebil, Sabalan has a 4 m high volcanic peak and its slopes are one of the best hiking spots in Iran. Professional climbers can climb the summit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The slopes of Mount Sabalan are famous for their valleys and springs and also around Mount Sabalan, the village of Sarein is such city you must visit.

Talesh, North Iran, Iran Hiking Tour

Iran Hiking Areas are amazing destinations for those interested in nature and ecotourists. Iran Destination Travel Agency would like to suggest you the Iran tour packages , especially the Adventure Tour of Iran Destination Travel Agency. 

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