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The 20 best places to visit in the north of Iran

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About the 20 best places to visit in the north of Iran

Northern Iran is a region with very green nature and attractive sights, and these sights of northern Iran are the reasons why we see heavy traffic on the northern routes of the country. The lush and refreshing nature of the northern cities throughout the year hosts many tourists from inside and outside the country. The sights of the north are so many that wherever you walk, you will encounter a new and spectacular attraction. The high variety of places of interest in the north has made it a little difficult to select and prioritize them and not to visit all of them in one trip. So prioritize according to your interests and those of your companions so that you can arrange a memorable trip. Follow us to get more acquainted with 20 of the best sights in northern Iran.

1. Badab Surt springs

Although most tourists go to the west of Mazandaran to visit the pristine and scenic beaches and lush forests and make the best travel memories for themselves, there are many attractions in the east of Mazandaran that are unique and we even suggest For once, visit the sights of the north and visit them. Badab Surat springs are among the northern sights in Mazandaran province that are unique in the world and thanks to this, tourists from many different parts of the world travel to Mazandaran province to take a look at Badab Surat springs in Sari. The unique springs of Badab Surat are the second natural monument registered in the country.

2. Filband village is one of the 20 best places to visit in the north of Iran

Almost all of us know the beautiful summer village of Finland with the title Ocean of Clouds and it is one of the most beautiful sights in the north of Mazandaran province. This scenic area is located near the city of Amol and is very popular among tourists, especially nature lovers, due to its lush nature and pleasant weather. The village of Finland thanks to its height, is above the clouds and in spring and summer, we see the phenomenon of the ocean of clouds in Finland, which is very attractive.

3. Kavous Dome Tower

Kavous Dome Tower, also known as Qous Dome Tower, is one of the historical attractions located in Golestan province and is one of the spectacular attractions in the north. This high tower has a height of 72 meters and is known as the tallest brick tower in the world. Today, Gonbad Kavous Tower is one of the northern places of interest in Golestan that many tourists, especially those who are interested in history, visit. The space in which the Kavous Dome Tower is located is in the form of a lush garden, which is known as the Qaboos National Garden or Park and is planted with trees and grass. One of the best times to visit this historic tower is spring and autumn.

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4. Naharkhoran Forest Park

The 20 best places to visit in the north of Iran, another sight of the north, which is located in Golestan province and Gorgan city, is Nahar Khoran forest park which is known as one of the recreational areas of this city. This forest park is over 40 million years old and is one of the Hyrcanian forests of northern cities.

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Hyrcanian forests

5. Seven waterfalls of Savadkuh

Savadkuh is a high region with a summer climate and also very green and pleasant nature, but due to the considerable distance of Savadkuh to the northern cities of the country, fewer tourists have traveled to this region and most of Savadkuh travelers are nature lovers who are familiar with the beautiful nature of Savadkuh. have. Haft Tirkan Savadkuh waterfall is known as one of the best places of interest in the north and is located in Babol city of Mazandaran province and will undoubtedly create the best nature tourism memories for you.

6. Sisangan Forest Park

One of the largest and most beautiful forest parks in Mazandaran province is Sisangan Forest Park, which is located in Nowshahr and is known as one of the northern scenic areas in this city.

7. Golfshan Naftlijeh

It is now one of the most amazing scenic areas in the north, which is located in the Turkmen port of Golestan province and is known as Naftlijeh Gulf. When you first see their golf cart oil, you disappear for a moment to realize whether the nature in front of you is real or artificial.

8.Ramsar Javaherdeh Village

As we know, Ramsar is known as the westernmost city of Mazandaran province and thanks to the summer and green forests around Ramsar, not only a significant part of Ramsar tourists are nature lovers, but also many people want the best with nature tourism in Ramsar. Make memories for yourself. Javaherdeh village is one of the most famous villages and sights in the north, which is located in the south of Ramsar to access this village, it is enough to enter Javaherdeh road from Ramsar city to reach the village after walking a few kilometers between the beautiful nature of Ramsar.

The 20 best places to visit in north of iran


9.Golestan National Park

Golestan National Park is the largest and oldest natural park in the country, located in Golestan province and among the sights of the north. This national park has an area of ​​900 km and has a high diversity of flora and fauna. The diversity of plant species in this complex reaches 1350 diverse species and this has caused about 302 species of animals to live in this nature.

10. Namak Abroud Recreation Town

Namak Abroud tourist town dates back to 1988. In that year, due to the uncontrolled increase of population in Nowshahr and Chalous counties, it was decided to build a tourist and recreational town near Chalous to attract the population of these areas. Namak Abroud recreation town is one of the best areas of Mazandaran province for nature tourism and recreation.

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11. Shirabad waterfall

Shirabad waterfall is one of the stepped waterfalls and consists of 12 waterfalls with large and small dimensions. The first waterfall of this complex has a height of 308 meters and the seventh waterfall has a height of 385 meters above sea level. Numerous ponds have emerged under these waterfalls, the deepest of which belongs to the 35-meter waterfall, with a depth of 40 and 80 meters below it. One of the entertainments that can be done in Shirabad waterfall is swimming and body water that can be entered into the pools under the waterfalls and enjoy swimming and body water inside them, especially in spring and summer.

12. Subatan village

Subatan village is known as one of the most beautiful villages in Gilan province and is also one of the sights of the north. Subatan village has a lush and wonderful nature in its heart and enjoys a very pleasant climate. In the first half of the year, the climate of this summer village is at its best and there is no news of hot weather and cool breezes are flowing in this nature. But with the onset of winter and especially winter, Subatan’s nature is covered in layers of snow and the villagers leave the area.

13.Devil Mountain (Shaitan Kooh)

Shaitan Kooh becomes one of the tourist attractions of Lahijan and is located among the scenic areas of the north. Maybe everyone will find a way to travel to Lahijan and not visit the devil of the mountain. When you are in the heights of Satan Mountain, you can have a very beautiful and amazing view of the scenic areas around you.

14. Kelardasht

Kelardasht is one of the closest cities of Mazandaran province to Tehran, which has wonderful nature and is known as one of the main tourist attractions in the north. In the past, this city was nothing more than a village, but after tourists became more familiar with the nature and pleasant weather of the region, Kelardasht developed, and today it has not only become a city from a village, but also one of the most popular sights in the north.

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Kelardasht – North of Iran

15. Brent Village

Brent village is one of the historical villages of Mazandaran province in Savadkuh, which is mentioned as one of the tourist attractions in the north. The village dates back to the last 2 to 3 centuries. This beautiful village has in its heart everything that looks impressive in nature, such as lush and dense forests, mineral springs, roaring rivers, and so on.

16. Jahan Nama village

If you are one of the hard-core people in the tourist area and you are looking for a tourist destination among the scenic areas of the north, Jahannama village is exactly the place that can satisfy you completely. Jahan Nama village is like a piece of paradise among the spectacular attractions of the north that will amaze any tourist. Jahannama village is located near Jahannama forest and for this reason it enjoys a very favorable and pleasant climate.

17. Lavij village

In the central part of Mazandaran province, there are many cities and scenic areas, each of which has special attractions, but the village of Lavij is a very green area with a pleasant climate that hosts many tourists in winter. Because there are various hot springs in this village, which has made Lavij village known for its famous spa among the sights of the north.

18.Do Hezar and Se Hezar Tonekabon forest

The Do Hezar and Se hezar Tonekabon forest is among the largest forests and sights in the north, and this vast and lush forest continues to be one of the best memories of nature, especially for off-roaders.

19. Olsblangah

Olsbelangah summer village is one of the most beautiful paradise nature in Gilan province, which is one of the most spectacular attractions in the north and is perhaps one of the lesser-known summers to this day. But if someone has traveled to the summer of Olasbelangah, we can safely say that he has been able to see one of the most beautiful places in Iran up close.

2o.Kendallus village

Kendallus village is one of the old, beautiful and pleasant villages which is located in the foothills of Alborz mountains. Kendallus village is one of the northern sights in Mazandaran province, the first in terms of health and cleanliness. The village of Kendallus is also known as the village of nail makers, and since it is a historical and old village, it has witnessed many historical events during its life.