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Iran Map

Iran Destination is a well-operated tour operator in Iran which makes your visit Iran easy. We suggest you to have a look on our  Iran Tourism Packages.  Our Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, let’s discover Where is Iran? you can also download a unique Iran Map

Where is Iran?

our country is located in West Asia and borders the Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, and Gulf of Oman. Its mountains have helped to shape both the political and the economic history of the country for several centuries. The mountains enclose several broad basins, on which major agricultural and urban settlements are located.

One of the most important directories on trips, domestic and foreign, the map is and it does not matter which of map, modern, and online use or pro paper maps are; the maps make it possible to provide up without the help of guides the thrill with the provinces, etc., cities and other countries, get to know and choose your trip More Fun, Fun, Fun.
Today I’m going to a con map of Iran from different angles, examine to the ones that thought properly in relation to the counties in. centers, provinces, etc. the position of important cities, and routes not a better view in the world, they find.

Iran Map

travel to Iran

Where is Iran?

Where is Iran? Iran Map

Iran map, Map of neighboring countries of Iran

First, from a little farther to Iran in our country from the North, East and West with foreign countries, the neighbor is from the South is also a blue border, there are the neighboring countries of Iran following:
Turkmenistan is the capital of Ashgabat in the North and Northeast
Azerbaijan is the capital city of Baku in the North
Armenia is the capital city of Yerevan in the North
Nakhchivan country to Nakhchivan capital in the northwest
Turkey to the capital city of Istanbul in the northwest
Iraq is the capital city of Baghdad in the West
Kuwait to the capital of Kuwait in the southwest
Saudi Arabia is the capital city of Riyadh in the southwest
Afghanistan is the capital of Kabul in the East
Pakistan is the capital of Islamabad in the East and Southeast
Gulf in the south and Southwest
Oman Sea in the south and Southeast
Qatar is the capital city of Doha in the south with a blue border
The country of the United Arab Emirates to the capital city of Dubai in the south with a blue border
Oman is the capital city of Muscat in southern Iran with a blue border

bonus!  Download high resolution Iran map here!

Iran map, Map of provinces of Iran

Iran has 31 provinces and 1.648 million square kilometers and is often considered the largest city in each province as the capital of the province. Note that this number is due to the multi-division of the provinces of Khorasan and Alborz province. For easier usage, I put my loved ones in the table provinces and provincial centers of Iran to become familiar with them, you can also see their location on the map.

Map of Iran metropolises

Although it is in part the past location of cities and provinces in Iran it is known, but perhaps you want more accurate with megapolis Iran familiar. It can be said that Iran 17 metropolis is to arrange the following from Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Karaj, Shiraz, Tabriz, Qom, Ahvaz, Kermanshah, Urmia, etc. Rasht, Hamedan, Iran Zahedan, Iran, Kerman, Yazd, etc. Ardabil, Bandar-Abbas, and Arak.
If I want to map all the cities, to read at your disposal, I likely to get bored, a lot of readers, not because of that, continue the con a look at how we map 5 metropolis elementary, Iran, and answer your questions in relation to the other cities ‘ in the comments section like this.

Iran map, Map of Tehran

Tehran is a province in central Tehran, which is also the capital of Iran. Tehran is located in the northern half of Iran and is NEIGHBORING the provinces of Qom, central, Alborz, Mazandaran and Semnan. As you know, Tehran, is one of the most important sectors in Iran in terms of economic and political is that many people with this issue agree and Pro the division of power in Tehran between the cities and other provinces in Iran.
According to the latest census in 2016 or 1395, Tehran has 8 million and 694 thousand inhabitants, and the population of the city is increasing. One of the reasons for the large population in the province of Immigration, other residents of the town and villages of Iran to the city that the phenomenon is very harmful to other counties can be, and hope that the facilities and location of the well in other areas of Iran also be provided up the story: women are clever forced to leave homes, and not be in your city progress.

Map of Mashhad

Since that tour, Mashhad, has always been of the most popular tours we have been on. we have to the city, journey, and we have scenic attractions of Mashhad, and even the streets of Mashhad, and the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
According to the census that was conducted in Mashhad in 1395, the city had 3 million tons of population, the population of the city is also rising. Perhaps imagine that the population of Mashhad, Iran more than 3 million to appear, and the reason for this issue, domestic and foreign tourists are numerous that to Mashhad process, but now due to the outbreak of the virus corona, the city hosts tourists is less. It is not bad to know that the area of Mashhad is also estimated 328 square kilometers.

Map of Isfahan

Isfahan is the third largest metropolis in Iran. The area of Isfahan is 551 square kilometers and is one of the most important cities in Iran for foreign tourists. If you’re interested in this city, the more familiar we are, in part, the Journal of Tourism فاینداتور the experiences of our journey from the city, and the charm of his’ve said, and from the Church of Vank, Isfahan mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah and other spectacular celebrity Isfahan for you blessed experience, travel, inserts, we’ve invited you to see them.

Iran map, Shiraz map

There is no doubt that one of the most scenic cities in Iran is somewhat that we we also that, in part, spectacular, Shiraz, they introduced the so. again, there are some cases in which they did not. Shiraz is also another choice of foreign tourists for travel.
The city of Shiraz, according to the census of 1397, was one million and 566 thousand people, and the area of the city is 240 square kilometers. Shiraz is located in the foothills of Zagros, which is why it has a very good climate and a lovely nature. Shiraz tour is always one of the most popular tours of the finator.

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