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Travel Requirements for Iran

Iran’s borders have long been closed to foreign travelers, and part of the tourism community is awaiting a news announcement that the borders will be reopened. On the other hand, some tourists who are familiar with Iran and its great potentials were eager to travel to Iran and reopen the borders for travel. After vaccinating a large percentage of the world’s population as well as Iran, it was announced not long ago that the borders would be opened from early November and that the conditions for foreign tourists to travel to Iran would be announced. Iran Travel Agency

Finally, today, after about 20 months of stopping the issuance of Iranian tourist visas, THE HEADQUARTERS announced the conditions for tourists to enter Iran, according to which visa requirements are provided for foreign tourists. The following are the details of the regulations announced by the Coronavirus Control Headquarters for the arrival of foreign travelers.

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How foreign tourists are present in Coronavirus conditions in Iran

With the increase in vaccinations globally, we are witnessing the opening of borders, and countries are announcing conditions for travelers to enter their country, such as the conditions for entering Thailand that were recently announced. In Iran, according to the guidelines announced on October 25, 1400, tourists who have vaccinated two doses of coronavirus and have a negative PCR certificate can obtain a tourist visa and travel to Iran. Iran Travel Agency

Of course, conditions are also considered for this directive and “within the framework of observing public health and community health, considering the positive effects of tourism on the country’s economy, entrepreneurship, job creation and to maintain the target markets of tourism, reviving the affected businesses of this sector and at the same time, maintaining the health of citizens and taking advantage of experts’ opinions and thinking with the authorities in accordance with the approvals of the 86th meeting of the National Headquarters Corona Management” has been prepared. Therefore, the notes for it are specified as described below. Iran Travel Agency

Iran Travel AgencyThe Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts announced after a meeting last week with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Health that the issuance of Iranian tourism visas will resume from 23 October. According to the general criteria of this directive, direct and indirect entry and exit of Iranian and foreign nationals (group and individual) from/to land borders such as air borders, by providing vaccine cards, negative PCR testing and observing protocols and instructions The ministry of health and medical education approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education has not been a problem since October 23, 2012. Iran Travel Agency



Note 1: This criterion does not include direct and indirect traffic from/to risky countries declared by the World Health Organization by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Note 2: If there is a change in the disease process of neighboring countries that requires restrictions or bans on passenger traffic, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, as a specialty authority, announces the following measures by the Security, Social and Law Enforcement Committee. Iran Travel Agency

Note 3: In order to manage the disease inside, passenger traffic (individual and group) with priority of the following land borders that have the necessary facilities and infrastructure begins on 23 October: Shalamcheh in Khuzestan province (Iraq), Mehran in Ilam province (Iraq), Bashmaq in Kermanshah province (Iraq/Climate), Parviz Khan in Kermanshah province (Iraq/Climate), Temerchin in West Azerbaijan Province (Iraq), Bazargan in West Azerbaijan Province (Turkey), Cedar in West Azerbaijan Province (Turkey), Dasht Bridge in West Azerbaijan Province (Nakhchivan), Jolfa in East Azerbaijan Province (Nakhchivan), Norduz in East Azerbaijan Province (Armenia), Cocoon Rider in Ardabil Province (Azerbaijan), Astara in Gilan Province (Azerbaijan), Dogharoun in Khorasan Razavi Province (Afghanistan), Milk in Sistan and Baluchestan Province (Afghanistan), Mirjaveh in Sistan and Baluchestan Province (Pakistan). Iran Travel Agency

Note 4: Issuance of tourism visas for the symbiom from international borders is unhindered within the framework of the State Department’s Travelers’ Traffic Directive.

Note 5: The movement of all public and personal equipment in accordance with the health protocols of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education is not an obstacle. Intensifying health care at the air borders and permissible land boundaries of Note 3, increasing specialist human resources in order to carry out COVID-19 diagnostic tests by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in collaboration with the Red Crescent Society are among the essential points of this directive for implementation of the plan. Iran Travel Agency


Other details of foreign tourists’ entry into Iran

This directive is prepared with the approach of mutual respect for international tourists, so if the discriminatory behavior of a country towards Iranian tourists is observed, it will be decided based on the principle of reciprocity and the conditions for the entry of its nationals may vary. Iran Travel Agency
Negative PCR testing for age groups over 12 years of age should be valid for 96 hours.
Overseeing the implementation of this directive is the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism (Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts) and in case of violations, it will be followed up through the legal authorities and the necessary reports will be submitted to the Security, Social and Law Enforcement Committee of the National Headquarters for Corona Management. Iran Travel Agency

If the provisions of this directive are not implemented by travel services offices and other licensed tourism facilities, the Ministry of Tourism will act in accordance with the regulations. The directive also specifies duties for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the Ministry of Interior, the Central Insurance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Ministry of Information of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Police Force, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and the IRIB. Iran Travel Agency

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