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Iran Destination is a  tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. Please, have a look on our  Iran Tourism Packages.  The Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, read about  Valentine’s day in Iran.

Iranian people love ceremonies and festivals. However, they used to have an occasion for every day in their Zoroastrian calendar so it’s no wonder that even now they look for any opportunity to have a feast and buy each other gifts. One of these events is Valentine’s Day that is an incentive for Iranians to celebrate.

Do Iranians celebrate Valentine’s day?

It might be interesting to non-Iranians to know that Valentine’s Day is almost a very important celebration in Iran. Although not very bold to the former generation bet certainly very popular among teenagers and young people. Many of them plan this day as long as a month before.

Valentine’s day gifts

The excitement of Valentine’s day starts much before the occasion. Young Iranian couples like to choose the best gift possible for their partner. So different businesses try to make the most of this event. Many of them put on big sales for common gifts of Valentine’s day like chocolate, roses or even jewelry.

However, all the young couples who celebrate Valentine’s day give each other gifts. Valentine’s day gifts in Iran vary from simple things like roses or chocolate to more expensive stuff like jewelry and even luxury cars. However, Teddy Bears are also popular as a gift. It could be a small stuffed bear or a life-size toy.


Iranian love day

The young population of modern Iran likes to be up to date with international events. Most of them celebrate western events like Valentine’s day or even Christmas. Maybe to some people or even Iranian parents, this is a luxury and un-traditional celebration.But it doesn’t prevent the young Iranian generation not to be happy about this day.

Iranian love day

In recent years because of much interest of Iranian modern generation for Valentine’s day some tried to substitute it with an ancient occasion called Sepandar Mazgan. They introduced it as the Iranian love day. Many accepted this replacement but it was also an excuse for a part of society to celebrate love a day more.

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