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Hengam Island

Hengam island, In these days of the coronation, many of us want a quiet and unpretentious journey, from those in which a world of beauty and charm suddenly surprises us. You don’t know, but I miss my lake  for a beach, quiet and solitude for hours on the sand, the sit and the face staring sinister so stunning I all the unpleasant these days, from the remembrance of me. Looking for the first Corona-free day on the calendar to quickly pack my suitcase to the beautiful and wonderful island destination. So on this virtual and memorable journey with me to get acquainted with the place of the island when.

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Hengam Island, Where’s the Hengam Island?

The island is located on the southern coast of Qeshm Island and adjacent to the azure waters of the Persian Gulf. The island is about 45 miles offshore from Qeshm and about 43 miles offshore to Bandar Abbas. If you want the plane to the island, travel, must get a ticket to the destination airport Qeshm buy the airport, near the waterfront Kandaloo located only 10 kilometers, with the island when the distance is. it would to go to this island should be from Bandar Abbas to Qeshm and go from the docks of the martyr Echo car ride out to the pier Kandaloo reach. At this waterfront, boats will take you to the beautiful island at a reasonable cost; we recommend autumn and winter seasons for trips to the southern cities of Iran and to the island when.

hengam island

Island beaches

The beaches of the island when the attractions that it excludes other islands. Sit on the sands of the beaches and staring at the waves the blue sea, our real-world graduate and confidently to calm extraterrestrial will find. Beach silver including the beaches, that is, without a doubt, color silver sands And shinny and shining them.  Any existing living from moving, and the movement stops, and the same its unique beauty to a silver celebrity world.

Shining Beach is another example of the beaches of the island when one of the most special sights of this beach at night. And occurs with the presence of phytoplankton. These little creatures of the night, when the sea water to the beach come and beaches with blue colors, as precipitation is full of Stars, blue and sparkling, luminous, they. And why it is Swahili, which has these features are gimmicks brilliant beaches will lose and in the end we can to beach Rock Island when you mention us. the beach is around is fraught with rocks Long, several thousand years and this is the Azure surrounds have.

hengam island

Hengam Island, Island Dolphins when

One of the famous attractions of the island when it causes a great passion for tourists. Also, it is the presence of beautiful and lovely Dolphins. These energetic creatures come to the surface at the time of sea relaxation. And the perfect time to watch them is early November to late December. Because these creatures at these times swim to the Persian Gulf waters near the island of henam and Qeshm. Dolphins generally get their heads out early in the morning because of the cold water. To watch the shenanigans of these lovely creatures, you must go to the sea early in the morning. So that the rally and bustle of other boats will not prevent you from watching.

Island wildlife

Another native animal of the island when Jabir is a deer-like animal, but slightly thinner than it. Every male and female both horns have these animals, coy, much of the people are elusive and see them with a speed of 80 kilometers per hour feet to escape rip. Also in this island, a mutant muzzle aquiline also seen that turtle cushion; next round, and unfortunately, the generation that got to extinction. Among other animals on the island are Egyptian prickly. It is considered one of the rare animals and is located in the species of lizards. With regret and concern, the generation of this creature is also considered extinction.

Island sights

In this part of the trips together to visit the Beautiful Island recreation and tourist attractions when:
Diving on the island when
The sea gives every human being a sense of life and tranquility, which has made many of us love water fun. One of these exciting Recreations is when diving, watching colored fish and other aquatic creatures closely is very amazing and fascinating to most of us.

Natural aquarium

Around the island when part of the sea water by the existence of some kind of corals that water to settle them. transparency useless is Geo. the same applies to the aquarium in the island when on the beach, Coral reputation, reach and see this beautiful aquarium by boats so didn’t. If you see colorful and beautiful fish is pleasant for you, then I suggest you visit this natural aquarium.
* Unfortunately this spectacular image is not well available.

Crocodile Park NOPEC island

NOPEC crocodile park is the first and largest crocodile farm in the Middle East that operates since 1389. In this environment, it is possible to visit a variety of crocodiles. The park is an attractive environment for crocodiles enthusiasts, and visiting it is not unpleasant, especially for children.

hengam island

Island market

Another pleasant attraction of the island is the local market where it is not a trace of modern styles. And it is quite native. In this market, a variety of hand-made and oyster pendants such as earrings and necklaces are available. As well as in this market, spices for this area and local oils are also available. Handicrafts and jewelry made with mussels and beautiful starfish are also considered souvenirs of the island when.

Hengam Island, Stay on the island

Because of the lack of adequate hotels on the island when usually most trips to the island are one-day and no accommodation. If you are interested in staying on the island, you can stay at the native house or tent.
The island is a good place to camp. But preferably all the equipment needed to bring your order. Also, it is better to checkpoint let you know that where the island you’re living up time Patrol to your head, throw and security of your supplier. Otherwise, you can find one of the hotels in Qeshm, such as Irman boutique, Fulton boutique, Golden Beach and more… Choose to stay.

Traditional island food

Small fishing village, which overlooks the main beach of the island is, with a simple and intimate is a great place to spend fresh foods, Marine, considered also the foods with herbs and spices, local and native style this region is cooked. To go to the fishing village, you can take a boat from the village of shibdaraz. And get there from the sea route. In this village, various dishes such as shrimp samosa, shrimp diopod, Gourmet Fish and a variety of seafood with native aromatic spices are Cook and tourists ‘ favorite.

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