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Iran Tourist Credit Card 

Can I Use Credit Card in Iran?

If you want to travel to Iran, you may ask yourself how to get a mastercard in Iran. Well, this is not really possible in Iran; As Iran banking service is not a part of international banking service, your credit cards, including visa or master card, will be useless in Iran. So, should you carry all your cash everywhere you go in Iran? Here’s a solution. Read about Iran credit card and Iran tourist card here by Iran Destination, Iran Travel Agency.

Today, some Persian banks such as National bank of Iran (or called Melli bank in Iran), Pasargad bank and Saman bank provide tourists with Iran tourist card. So you can easily exchange your cash amount into your Iranian credit card.

Iran tourist card by saman bank

Saman Bank- Iran credit card

Iran tourist card issued by Pasargad Bank

Iran Credit card for tourists issued by Pasargad Bank

Iran tourist card by national bank of iran

Iran Credit Card by Melli Bank

 What is Iran Tourist Card?

In order to solve the problem that tourists face in Iran, regarding carrying their cash on them, National Bank of Iran issued Iran Tourist Card for the first time. These cards have a specific expiry date and you can charge this card up to 5000 dollars.

Iran tourist card- Iran credit card

iran tourist card

How can Iran Tourist Card help me?

As you cannot use your Visa or Mastercard in Iran, these credit cards help you purchase anything you want in Iran with Iran currency, i.e. Rials. Also you can use all the payment channels in Iran, like ATM, Mobile apps, POS, internet payment, online shopping, etc.

Iran credit card for tourists can be recharged by other currencies as well, like USD, EURO, and AED.

use Iran tourist card in ATM

use Iran tourist card in ATM


Use mobile bank by Iran tourist card

Use mobile bank by Iran credit cards for tourists

How to get Iran Tourist Card?

The National Bank of Iran in Imam Khomeini Airport is the best place you can get an Iran tourist card on your own. Right when you arrived in Iran and you passed through the passport check, there is a branch of National Bank of Iran to launch your Iran credit card.  But in case you like to as a travel agency to get this credit card for you, it is usually done through Pasargad Bank.

The only document you are required to provide is your valid visa and passport. The expiry date of your credit card depends on tour visa expiry date.

Get an Iran tourist card at Imam Khomeini Airport

Get a credit card at Imam Khomeini Airport

What are the advantages of Iran credit card for tourists?

  • They can be used in any POS terminals in Iran
  • It is not required to open a new bank account
  • You can use transfer money to other Iranian credit cards, purchase all domestic flights, charge your Iranian sim card, etc.
  • You can recharge your tourist card by Euro and AED.
  • Balance inquiry is possible through ATM, POS terminals, internet.
  • You can exchange the remaining amount of your Iran credit card into other international currencies.
  • You can receive cash at ATMs up to 2,000,000 Rials per day.
Get cash from ATM by Iran Tourist Card

Get cash from ATM by Iran Tourist Card

Keep in mind, you cannot transfer money to your tourist card by other credit cards.

Iran Destination, Iran Tour Operator, is ready to help you with any issue regarding your travel to Iran. In case you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us.

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