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what you need for your trip

Here you can find all what you nee : We are committed to offer services with the highest quality. Our Iran tour operator combines its energy and enthusiasm, with our years of experience in Iran travel services. Our greatest satisfaction of Iran visitors comes in serving large numbers of satisfied Iran tour and travel clients who have experienced the joys and inspiration of Iran travel. Choose Persia as your next travel destination.

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The requirements for travel in Iran (for Foreign Persian-speaking travelers) are points that every traveler who intends to travel to Iran must know. We try to realistically express all the requirements and points of travel in Iran without any negligence or nationalist sense.

Travel guide to Iran for Foreign Persian-speaking travelers

Iran has an ancient history and civilization, full of spectacular and indescribable wonders. The original and indigenous architecture of Iran will surprise you. Prepare yourself for a variety of dishes and tasteful drinks. The wildlife of Iran is rare and unique in the world. The culture and behavior of the Iranian people will admit you. Traveling to Iran will never disappear from your mind.

Traveling to any foreign country has its own customs. The beautiful country of Iran is no exception. Unfortunately, the country with the great civilization of Iran has not been properly introduced and understand throughout the world.

Iran City Tour

Iran has some major big cities which are more famous among the others. Our Iran Tour Operator provides Iran City Tour to cover these major cities during your trip to Iran: Tehran, which is the capital of Iran; Shiraz, with its rich history of Achaemenid and Zand dynastyIsfahan, having great architectural buildings of Safavid dynasty; Kashan, a great example of unique historical buildings; and Kerman, a jewel lying down in the heart of Iran deserts. You can simply book one of these Iran Tour by filling a form, in case you want to travel to Iran. Our Iran Travel Agency tries its best to offer best Iran Travel Services in each of its tours. If you are interested in visiting major Iran cities, any of the tours in Iran City Tour section is a good choice for your trip to Iran.


What You Need :

  • trip having a power converter

European countries emit 220 volts of electricity through their outlets in their countries, while emits 110 volts, so if you are a visitor and your device does not support dual-voltage you need a power converter for your vacation. Otherwise, you only need travel adapter for your trip to Iran. Fortunately, Iran supports Continental Europe Grounded Plug Adapter.

  • VPN for your trip

It is important to note that Iran’s internet connections are in this country. So you need VPNs or anti filters to check your social networks such as your Facebook, your Twitter, your Flickr, and etc in your trip.

  • International Driving Permit (IDP)

Fortunately, Iran recognizes IDP for  visitor. Therefore, you want to rent a car in Iran for your Iran tour, you need a valid driving license for your trip plus IDP, in case your license isn’t part of Iran’s contracting party. Driving licenses issued by a contracting party are recognized in the territory of another contracting party. For example, Germans do not need IDP to drive for their trip to Iran, and only a stamp by touring and automobile club of Iran on the driving license is needed. Enjoy your trip to Iran.

What you should and shouldn’t know when traveling to Iran
When visiting Iran, you can’t expect all issues to fully comply with your planning. Be sure to plan, but enjoy a flexible itinerary (of course this is the case on most trips in different countries).

Some important must not be in Iran

Women in Iran must observe the Islamic hijab. Having a headscarf is mandatory. It is also recommended for women to wear loose clothing.
Drinking alcohol is a crime in Iran, so if you enter Iran, you should not consume alcohol or have alcohol with you.!
A part of military and government areas in Iran is prohibited and has a legal prosecution.


Travel requirements in Iran

To travel to Iran, you must obtain a tourist visa. Fortunately, getting a visa to travel to Iran has become easier.
Don’t worry about the passport stamp to travel to Iran. Special measures are taken for foreign tourists.
When you travel to Iran, don’t worry, what season you’re in, in Iran you can experience all four seasons at the once.
Enjoy the hospitality of Iranians when visiting Iran, but no one should be trusted completely. (Unfortunately, Iran, like the rest of the world, is not free of crime.


Money on a trip to Iran

International cards in Iran do not work because of sanctions, so you should bring enough cash with you to Iran.

Because the credit card of other countries is not active in Iran. And you shouldn’t have much cash when you’re surfing, you can use gift cards, or consult your leader tour…

It is important to know the airport rules and regulations. So that you don’t get into trouble. Use reputable exchanges to convert your money.

The dollar is the best type of currency for all over Iran, but euros and British pounds are also accepted in large cities. Dollars and euros are currencies that can easily be exchanged at exchanges.

There are two exchange rates in Iran, including the official rate and the black market rate. The important thing about converting your money into Rials is not to exchange all your cash in Rials, because if you remain, you cannot trade it abroad and you will have difficulty or loss in converting it back into your own.


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