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Mazandaran is one of the green provinces in the north of Iran that has many tourist and historical attractions. In this beautiful province, there is a village called Javaherdeh, which has added to its beauty. Javaherdeh is located in Mazandaran province with beautiful and pleasant nature and simple and lovely people. The climate of Javaherdeh village is pleasant and cool in spring and summer, and many people always travel to this area for sightseeing. The village of Javaherdeh stands out like a jewel among the forests of Ramsar and is one of the most popular villages.  Despite its extraordinary beauties and climate, Javaherdeh has been able to become an Iranian paradise.


Where is the Javaherdeh?

One of the most beautiful places in Ramsar, the bride of the northern cities of Iran, is the village of Javaherdeh.  Javaherdeh village is a small paradise 29 km from Ramsar city in Mazandaran province. Also, this village is located in the southwest of this city. But the interesting thing is that this time it is not just the village itself that is the attraction. In fact, apart from the village, another main attraction is the village route and Ramsar road to Javaherdeh village. An attraction that passes through a dense, asphalt road through dense forests with green and wild trees. Also, sometimes it sinks so much into the fog that it looks more like a painting and fantasy than reality.

Javaherdeh village in Ramsar is a place for professional nature lovers

Iran is a complete package for tourism. Because if they intend to travel historically, cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan and Kashan can be among the best options. Even if they want to have nature and adventure trips, the northern part of the country can provide them with everything that travelers need to travel with many attractions. The village of Javaherdeh in Ramsar, due to its charming nature and wonderful climate, attracts many tourists every year, especially in summer.


Javaherdeh village

History of name of this village

There are different narrations for choosing the name of this village. Some believe that the local name of this summer region was originally “Javardeh”, which over time has become ” Javaherdeh “. But some believe that since the name of the first ruler of this region was a woman named Jawaher, the name of this village is derived from it. Another existing narration that can be heard from the residents of this area can be considered the existence of a lot of treasure and jewelry. They were in the depths of the soil of this village, which is closer to the truth.

Food and people of this village

Among the famous and delicious dishes of this village, we can mention Torsh Tareh, Kabab Torsh or sour kebab, Mirza Ghasemi, Bademjan Ghaliyeh, Shirin Tareh, kamaj, sirvavij and Baqala Qatogh. Most of the people in the Javaherdeh village wear local clothing. Most women wear long skirts, pajamas and scarves. Men usually wear pants, shirts and hats. This enchanting route was built in 1350 by German engineers. Since then, it has been the best route from Ramsar to reach the Javardeh.


Kabab Torsh or Sour Kebab

The best time to visit the village

Due to the geographical location of the village of Javaherdeh in Ramsar. Also, its location at altitudes of 2000 meters generally provides good and cool weather conditions. In late spring and summer, mild and cold weather prevails in this region, the average temperature is between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit Javaherdeh village is the end of June and three months of summer. Because at this time the snow has melted and the greenery of the region reaches its peak.

Why is Ramsar, Javaherdeh a popular village?

Javaherdeh village has provided good facilities for its guests. Due to the large number of travelers, many villas and hotels have been built in this area, which, although to the detriment of its traditional and local texture, are welcome to the taste of travelers. If you do not want to stay in villas and hotels, you can rent a room from locals. You just have to bring a lot of equipment and warm clothes to spend the night in a tent, the nights are very cold. In addition to the attractions of this village and its plains and garden alleys, the people of this village are clean. They sell the colorful handicrafts, jams and pickles they have made around the village and its local open-air markets.  Felt, tent weaving and pottery are some of the arts of the people here which are also the best for souvenirs.


Beautiful nature of this village

Javaherdeh Road Restaurants

This is a place where kebabs and hookahs are always on the way. You can also treat yourself to a bowl of soup or a cup of tea at the roadside stalls. On Javaherdeh Road, locals also sell sour plums, jams and pickles, doubling the attraction of the route. Javaherdeh Road has many restaurants. These restaurants and cafes are famous for their delicious food. The most prosperous of these cafes are in the Dermad area, on the second half of the road. Jamshid Cafe, Salimi Restaurant and Uncle Rajab Restaurant are some of the best restaurants on Javaherdeh Road. So, many travelers choose to eat local food. If you want fish that has not been caught for more than a few minutes, or sour kebab, Mirza Ghasemi and Baqala qatoq, you can get it in one of the restaurants on this road.

Access to Javaherdeh village

To reach the beautiful village of Javaherdeh, you must first go to Mazandaran province and from there to the beautiful city of Ramsar. Take the southwest of the city to reach the Javaherdeh Road. Then, from there, you have to walk a 29 km route. You can join our team, Iran Destination, and get more acquainted with this village. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.