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Iran travel agency (Iran destination)

Iran travel agency (Iran destination),  are generally divided into three categories of agencies: “a”, “b” and “c”, according to which organization licenses them. Section A agencies receive their licenses from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAO). Section B in the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. And Section C in the Endowment, Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization.

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You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions about iran travel. visit Iran is a good choice to get Iran travel services such as hotels in all cities, Shiraz hotel, Tehran hotels and all services about Iran tourism. An attractive travel agency must have one, two or all three licenses at the same time. Obviously, for any very weak license, the rules and regulations of that organization must create the most important and common English phrases:

Iran travel agency (Iran destination)

Introducing a person to a virtual complex who must necessarily have sufficient expertise in the fields related to the type of license in accordance. Introduce a suitable place to establish an agency that should have a commercial or office use and have an area of ​​at least fifty to seventy square meters.

Introduce a person as a technical manager who has a certificate of completion of the technical manager course from the organization and must have sufficient experience and expertise in your field. In the security agency, paragraph “a”, the CEO can not introduce himself as a technical manager.

But, in the Iran travel agency, “B and P” the CEO is also a technical manager (if you want to see in the job description. There is no longer any obligation (this was done by these two officials in the agency when referring to the inspectors of the relevant organization). Deposit the warranty specified by the licensing organization.

Provide a certificate of no criminal record, no drug addiction, and individual qualifications. It should be noted that if the person applying for the establishment license of the Agency for any of the relevant organizations. It wants to do so alone and without the need to apply for the establishment license and license (natural person), the agency under the name of Travel Services Office and licensed person.

However, if the license application is submitted in partnership with other persons and by the company (legal entity). It must also provide the company with the company registration documents and the official newspaper.  It calls a service agency. Iran Travel Services and Licensee as CEO of Travel Services Company.

Iran travel agency (Iran destination)

General steps of the tour

In general, the complete package of a Iran tour for a Iran travel agency consists of the following:

VehicleWelcome, escort and round trip transfer to the Iran destination of the whole Iran tour
Accommodation (excluding one-day tours), Shiraz hotel, Tehran hotel, Isfahan Hotel
Obtaining a visa (for countries that require a visa to enter), Iran visa
Tour guide and city tour
Entrance to places to visit
Travel insurance
Travel program

Incoming Tour, Iran travel agency (Iran destination)

This part of the tour is relatively different from the other two parts in terms of performance.  It may have similarities to domestic tours in terms of the vehicle. It is mainly aircraft, the reservation of accommodation centers or the execution of patrols.

But it should be noted that Incoming employment agencies and Iran tour operator mainly cooperate with agencies that send travelers to Iran from other countries. And have already met them in tourism industry exhibitions held in different countries.  They are considered as their agents in Iran.

Incoming tourists usually come to Iran in small groups of two to four people. Medium groups of five to ten people or groups of more than ten people. Groups of two to four usually do not come through the Iran travel agency.  But individually or in the form of visa invitations to enter Iran. And if they need guidance for their trip.  They receive the relevant services through the agency previously introduced to them.

In this case, it is enough for the broker agency in Iran to provide them with a suitable guide.  Preferably has a good command of the language of these tourists and to prepare a suitable travel plan for them based on the needs of the tourists and with their coordination. However, the Iran tour operator for groups traveling to Iran through an agency. It based in another country under a regulated travel schedule are as follows:

Iran travel agency (Iran destination)

First, based on a pre-determined date, the requesting agency must send a copy of the passenger passport to the broker to apply for a visa. After receiving the visa, the requesting agency must book the flight and announce the exact date.
The broker must, based on the date of arrival of the passengers. Also the itinerary of the tourists inside Iran, which has already been notified to the other party, to book accommodation. Also to book a suitable vehicle according to the number of passengers and the possible cargo volume with them and obtaining relevant permits. Take the necessary measures,
The broker should coordinate with the Iran local tour guides in the visited cities in order to accompany the group. And it takes the necessary measures such as reserving the restaurant, preparing the entrance ticket to the visited places (in order for travelers, especially during busy days, to prepare tickets in the queue).

Do not and so on. In addition, local guides can provide more accurate, useful and comprehensive information to tourists, given their greater knowledge of the area and work experience.

Iran travel agency

Basically, tourists who travel to Iran from abroad want to perform tours different from domestic tours. They are held for domestic tourists, and based on a certain attitude. They want to get acquainted with the local culture, traditions and customs of Iranian ethnic groups.

Therefore, it is very important for them, in addition to being familiar with this ethnic and cultural diversity, to consider different, varied, completely unique and indigenous types of food. It is also more enjoyable for them to stay in eco-lodges instead of hotels and to use the native and pristine nature.

Groups that come to Iran in the form of a tour from an agency usually use a person as a tour leader with them, who is responsible for the tour with a tour guide from the Iranian agent. Makes the necessary arrangements.

Iran travel agency (Iran destination)

Iran travel agency (Iran destination)

As you can see, the tour process is quite complex and precise, requiring teamwork and teamwork.  And it is almost impossible for one person to do all of it. For this reason, in Iran tour operator agencies, in addition to the technical manager. It is responsible for overseeing all stages of the work from closing the Iran tour package to preparing the rate.

Knowledge and expertise of people in the desired routes. It is including the types of vehicles and airlines, flight hours of different airlines in the desired routes, relative knowledge of hotels and their facilities and location, knowledge of tourist attractions, etc.

Also, in order to coordinate hotel and transfer reservations, matters related to obtaining visas and issuing travel insurance policies. There is a need for experienced and capable people in these departments to form a tour operation team and complete the tour package. After reviewing and finalizing the cost of the tour and calculating the ancillary costs.

Also, It is including advertising costs, rent, staff salaries, costs of consumables and accessories, etc. Reasonable profit determined and the final selling price of the tour determined at the disposal of the counter. Sales and affiliated agencies included.

Iran travel agency

In addition to supervising all the above, the technical manager obliged to make the necessary arrangements with the relevant organizations. And the relevant trade unions and inform the colleagues about the latest instructions and circulars and to prepare. And send the sales report of the services provided in the tour section to The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. It should take the necessary measures on a seasonal basis.

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