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Iran Local Tour Guide

Spending leisure time traveling to different parts of the world, so-called tourism, is one of the most fun and at the same time the most attractive hobbies of people in the last few decades Iran Tour. The type of travel, travel destination and the purpose of travel and many other general features of travel have divided tourism into different categories such as historical tourism, medical tourism, recreational tourism, domestic tourism and local tourism.

One of the tourism species that many of us Iranians, especially during The New Year, are familiar with is domestic tourism. Domestic tourism is actually a trip to the landmarks of the country where the tourist lives. In addition to the concept of domestic tourism, there is another concept called local tourism, which has the same meaning as domestic tourism but on a smaller scale. In fact, traveling to points close to the workplace or the person’s life for leisure time and enjoying the sights in the region, local tourism and consequently the person traveling is called a local tourist. Ira


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Who is the Local Guide on Iran Tour?

A local indigenous tourist guide is someone who will have full control over the details of the city’s cultural, historical and natural attractions where they live. The English term Domestic Tour Guide or Domestic Tourism Tour Operators is equivalent to the local tourist guide in Iran Tour.

The local guide guide guides local tourists with full knowledge of the geographical location and customs of a region. Like a cultural tourism guide, the local guide should have complete information about where you live and have the ability to plan well. Familiarity with all the customs of the desired place such as: food customs, local customs, folk music, local food, sightseeing areas of the region, etc. It is obligatory for a person to take charge of the local guide. Iran Tour

Local indigenous guide is a job from the field of tourism in the field of services that has some competencies including: applying definitions and concepts of local indigenous guide, explaining native historical attractions, explaining indigenous cultural attractions, explaining native natural attractions and is associated with local guide standard.

Local and local farad or so-called local balds play a very important role in guiding, providing material and spiritual needs for tourists. Each of these people can thrive on tourism with their many abilities. This effect is such that even their inefficiency prevents the growth and development of tourism in countries. The local guide training course is also held precisely for this purpose, and participation in this course is an opportunity for those interested in this field and those who have stepped in the tourism sector to increase their scientific and practical capabilities. Iran Tour

Each will contribute to the process of familiarizing tourists with the history, nature, traditions and customs of the locals in rural areas and providing the opportunity to visit the tourist attractions of these areas, leading to the growth and development of rural and local tourism in Iran Tour.

The most important things you need when traveling to Iran can be read on this page. We have tried to respond to your most important mental concerns and the most vital information you need.

iran toursSecurity in Iran Tour

Contrary to the negative publicity of some Western media, Iran is a safe country and does not pose a threat to citizens and tourists. In recent years, despite the rise of terrorist groups such as ISIS and the Taliban in the Middle East and some of their attacks in the heart of Europe, Iran Tour has been immune from such anti-human rights acts and has become known as the safe island of the Middle East. Despite the relative insecurity that prevails in the world, not a single widespread terrorist incident has been reported in the country.


Internet in Iran

Contrary to the negative publicity of some Western media, there is internet in Iran almost everywhere (except the depths of caves and mountains) and it is very simple to access. As soon as you get off your plane, get to the mobile SIM card sales center and buy a SIM card at a very reasonable cost (less than $15). As soon as you enable a SIM card, you will be provided with high-speed Internet access and you can connect with family and friends with audio and video applications. It is necessary to have a passport to buy a tourist SIM card. Iran Tour

In Iran Tour, 3 operators provide telecommunication and internet services. Hamrah-i-Aval and Irancell operators exclusively provide services to tourists and you can buy a product called “Tourism SIM Card”. Remember that these SIMcards are valid for only 30 days. If you want to stay in Iran for more time, you can buy a RighTel SIM card operator or use other types of SIM card operators Hamrah Aval and Irancell.


Tipping Law in Iran Tour

In Iranian law, it is not compulsory to tip a waitress or someone who takes your bar to your room at a hotel. They are paid by their employer in return for the services they provide. Of course, you can tip optionally. This is different from people who are supposed to provide you with special services, such as carrying your bags and belongings along the trekking route. A 5,000 or 10,000 Tomans bill is a good amount to tip. Iran Tour

Public Beliefs and Beliefs in Iran Tour

In Iranian culture, mosques, shrines and imamzads are respectable, and visiting them, like all other religious places around the world, requires respectful and modest treatment. At noon and after sunset due to congregational prayers, it is not possible for tourists to visit some large mosques. After congregational prayer, which lasts a few minutes, visiting is not an obstacle. Iran Tour


Type of coating in Iran Tour

In Iran’s regulations, women wear hijab. However, the Iranian hijab is significantly different from what is applied in some countries and is diverse and colorful. Any type of clothing that is not so thin and covers the hands, feet and hair of the head is considered an example of Iranian hijab and there are no restrictions in terms of choosing the color and design of the dress. This level of hijab is enough for tourism in Iran. In other words, in Iran, the hijab is not treated extremely and you will find this by watching the coverage of Iranian citizens. Iran Tour

In Iranian regulations for men, wearing sleeveless blouses and pants that are too short, although not legally prohibited, is not common in public places. Covering some of the hairline is necessary for women tourists in Iran. It is better for tourist women to carry scarves or scarves in their handbags in order to respect the culture of their host community so that they do not have trouble preparing it at the airport. If you don’t bring a headscarf, nothing special happens except spending a little time and money to buy it from the store.

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Iran’s laws on visiting religious attractions

According to Iranian regulations, female tourists must use a special cover called “chador” to visit certain religious attractions in Iran (Imam Reza Shrine in Mashhad, Hazrat Masumeh Shrine in Qom, Shahcheragh Shrine in Shiraz, etc.). At these attractions, the tent is available for free to visitors. The Iranian tent consists of a colorful colorful piece of cloth that is placed on the head. The use of this cover is rooted in cultural and religious beliefs and is considered a form of respect for that attraction. Male tourists do not need to use tents. However, they should use the conventional coating of Iranian men (shirts and pants). Iran Tour

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About 10 best Iran tours & trips 2022

Iran tourism is very attractive for tourists from different parts of the world. These trips are held in the form of the 10 best Iran tours & trips 2022 to several destinations in one region. Also, sometimes tours from the north to the south of Iran. Iran tours are very attractive due to the conditions of the event. If you are planning to visit Iran, be sure to participate in these tours. Of course, Nowruz tours in Iran are much more diverse. Also, you can take full advantage of  holiday for Iran tours.

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