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Travel to Iran from UK

Travel to Iran from UK, Iran tourism tries to provide situations for UK citizens for having  Iran tours. Citizens of all countries except the countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Ecuador) who intend to enter into Iran, it is necessary that the Iran visa to receive. Moreover, Iranian visas are issued in a variety that will vary depending on the type of application and travel conditions as well as the nationality of each person. Also, In this article we are going to fully describe how to get an Iranian visa and its required documents to experience Iran tour and best tourist packages.

Travel to Iran from UK

Types of Iranian visas in terms of issuance

Like most countries in the world Iran has 2 types of visas:

Consequently, Iran airport visa:

This visa issue to more than 70 countries around Iran. It recommend for applicants who intend to get a visa to Iran, have at least two days before your journey to avoid wasting time and expedite the issuance of visas to take the necessary actions to do. Also, These measures include completing the electronic visa application form and printing the visa agreement form. In addition, Applicants can stay in Iran from one to 30 days depending on their nationality.

Iran visa for UK citizens

Countries according to the relationships that together have about how to login, other citizens to  decisions are sometimes diplomatic relations and the conditions governing the country, to the side there is restrictions for entry of citizens of each other, Lay It country, the UK is among the countries that established diplomatic relations between Iran and the UK has been ruling on the entry of citizens of each other to  impact is more about how to obtain a visa for Iranian nationals English, more will be explained.

Travel to Iran from UK

Documents required for obtaining Iranian visas for English nationals

Having a valid passport with at least 6 months validity
Personnel photo scans all happen in accordance with the designated requirements
Writing an academic and work daily
Completion of Iranian visa form
ID card scan

Tips on obtaining Iranian visas for UK nationals

Above all, Credit visa for Iranian nationals English to the amount of three months is that the citizens of this country can obtain a visa for Iran to 30 days in Iran have and if you want to stay long-term with the approval of the Ministry of state can stay up to 60 days increase.

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