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Iran travel advice for women

Usually, when women tell their friends or families that they have decided to travel to Iran, most people think they are crazy, or they will be in great danger! But is it really the case? How are western women in Iran? Is it safe to travel to Iran as a solo female? Here you can find a guide to solo female travel in Iran provided by Iran Destination, Iran tour operator.

A guide to solo female travel in Iran

Actually in western media, all you see and hear is that Iran is a place no one would ever want to visit, not safe for anyone, especially for women travelers. But the truth is, when you read women’s experiences in Iran or you hear about them, all you get is that they enjoyed the most out of their trip to Iran and it had been completely adverse what is shown in the media or what is in people’s mind all over the world. Iran is a destination you have to visit yourself and then you will have changed your mind about it.

Most of the people even confuse Iran with Iraq and think it is under the control of ISIS. From the point of view of those having spent time in the country, Iran is the best option for a woman to travel alone in the Middle East. Actually it can be called the safest country in the Middle East.

women travelers in iran

women travelers in Iran

Tips for women travelers to Iran

Iran is safe for all people, no matter men or women. You can find the most hospitable people in Iran, saying Hi, Hey, Good Morning, or Salam to any visitor they see on the street just to welcome them in Iran. As a solo female traveler you will have no problem navigating in Iran, and everything will be accessible for you. You can always take a taxi or bus without any problem. Buses provide a seat reservation and the drivers are so kind and rearrange the passengers so that no unknown man sits next to a woman. In subways or metro, women and men use specific wagons. At the platform it is marked where the women-only zone is and the specific carriages for women are located at the front and back of the train.

women travelers in iran

Women travelers in Iran – Hospitality

Accommodation in Iran

Finding accommodation is easy in Iran. There are lots of diverse accommodations, including luxury hotels, hostels, such beautiful traditional hotels and guestrooms. You can either reserve them before you travel to a destination, or you can search for one in that destination. Of course, keep in mind, consulting an agent is more convenient. You can ask travel agents to book any accommodation you like. Mostly it will be cheaper for you, because they are in contract with each other. Iran Destination, which is a professional Iran tour and travel agency can provide you with any services you like to have during your trip to Iran.

women travelers in iran

Iran historical houses-accommodation

What about Iranian protests?

Yes, there were some demonstrations and protests in Iran in December 2017, but they were ceased in January 2018. After that period till now, many travelers have visited Iran without having a problem. Actually you can find more crimes and problems in Europe than in Iran. Till now, no violent crimes against foreigners are reported, neither officially nor personally.

women travelers in iran

women travelers in iran

Dress Code in Iran

Most of the time, when a new female tourist comes to Iran, she has no idea what world of styles is waiting for her. Usually women think they have to wear loose ugly dresses in dark colors. But the truth is Persian women follow the fashion and love colorful dresses. All you need to do is to cover your head with a scarf and also wear shirts or mantos with sleeves. To read more about Iran Dress code for women, read here.

women travelers in iran

Dress code in Iran

 Where to visit in Iran?

Iran has great well-known and unknown attractions in different cities, like Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran, Mashhad, Kermanshah, Yazd, Kashan, Qom, etc. You can find a full information travel guide in our Iran Travel Guide. You can also find other Iran travel services offered by our Iran tour operator.

All in all, you will certainly change your mind after you visit Iran as a solo female traveler. In case you need any help, regarding Iran Visa, accommodation, transportation, guide, Iran tour, etc. do not hesitate to contact our Iran Tour and Travel Agency: Iran Destination

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