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Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? Iran is one of the best world attractions. Do you know anything about Kelardasht? Kelardasht is a place like heaven in iran. what do you know about Iran destination tour one of the most famous Iran travel agency in shiraz and also Iran? This is great and you can be sure that the most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. In this article, we introduce all the requirements to travel to Iran. Also, the do’s and don’ts of traveling to Iran. Also, we answer this question: how to travel to iran.

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About Kelardasht

One of the most popular holiday destinations in Iran, is travel to the north of the country. Caspian Sea and forest and mountain landscapes have their own fans in four seasons. Mazandaran province, which is one of the most popular destinations in the northern regions of the country. Every year it welcomes many tourists and nature lovers from far and near. The dream city of Kelardasht is located near the city of Chalous in Mazandaran province. The dense forests around this region along with Sard Abroud river and the surrounding mountains have made Kelardasht iran one of the most popular tourist spots in our country. Also, knowing the sights of Kelardasht makes you plan your trip to this dream nature better.

Where is Kelardasht?

In fact, it is located in the middle of the Karaj-Chalus road, one of the most touristic cities in the north of the country. This city with its sights creates happy moments for you. It can be said that its good facilities and beautiful nature are the reasons for welcoming this tourist city. One of the reasons that attracts you to this lovely city is the beautiful nature and landscapes of Kelardasht, Mazandaran. Where due to the distance from the sea, the air has relatively less humidity and is very pleasant and cool. This is why it is considered as a pure summer destination. Also, you can visit the village of Mazichal. in other hand, the city is bounded on the north by the Caspian Sea and the city of Abbasabad, on the south by Takht-e Soleiman, on the west by Qazvin and Alamut, and on the east by Chalous.

Road to Abbasabad

Kelardasht to Abbasabad road is one of the most beautiful and dreamy roads in Iran. This road has a pristine and unique nature. There are many tourist resorts along this road. Some of them also serve delicious northern cuisine. If you do not have time to travel to this beautiful road, we suggest you do it this weekend.

Kelardasht weather

One of the most important features that has made Kelardasht nature popular for tourists, is its very pleasant climate. Even in summer it is usually sultry in most northern regions. However, this area welcomes travelers with a pleasant climate. But the temperature difference with the center of Mazandaran province in some cold winter days reaches about 30 degrees. On some summer nights, the residents of Kelardasht, Mazandaran, also wear warm clothes. Therefore, the climate of Kelardasht iran is very cool in summer and with cold nights. Also, another attraction of this region is the existence of a permanent fog that adds to the beauties of North Kelardasht.


Kelardasht weather

Sights for travel

Kelardasht Mazandaran is full of attractions that will nail you. From the villages around Kelardasht to the forests, it can be considered one of the attractions of Kelardasht in the north. You can join our team, Iran Destination, and get more acquainted with this heaven in the north of Iran. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.

Mazichal village; ‌above the cloud

Mazichal village should be mentioned as one of the best and most spectacular places on this planet. This village is a small village near Kelardasht, where you will have an ocean of clouds under your feet. Mazichal village is an ideal destination for nature and camping lovers. If you enjoy sleep in a sleeping bag and tent, you will definitely enjoy spending time in this village. In Mazichal, there is no mention of luxury hotels or even lodgings. Sometimes and rarely, there are cottages to stay. For traveling to Mazichal, you must be equipped with the appropriate facilities and clothes. This area is cool in spring and summer. Also, you will definitely encounter herds of cattle and sheep. Spending time with the villagers and trying local bread is also a good idea that you should not miss in your travel plan to Mazichal.


Mazichal village

Velesht Lake

Velesht Lake is one of the most popular sights of Kelardasht, which is located in the northeast. This lake is one of the nine lakes in Iran that have emerged as a result of the construction of the dam. Also, it is one of the 10 freshwater lakes in the country. The road to this lake is very spectacular and full of pine trees. Also, the surroundings of the lake have a very beautiful nature and fascinate every viewer. Also, the possibility of fishing in this lake is also provided for tourists. Water skiing, swimming and boating on this lake can be an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.


Velesht lake

Ojabit Palace

On the southern slopes overlooking the city of Kelardasht, you will see the Ojabit Palace. However, Ojabit Palace was built in the days of the Pahlavi government. That is, about 70-80 years have passed since its construction. A beautiful palace in the heart of nature with architecture inspired by European buildings. Also, the courtyard, which is full of beautiful northern trees, is a pleasant place to visit.


Ojabit palace

Mount Alam or Alam Kooh

After Damavand, Alamkooh is the second highest mountain in Iran. This mountain is located in the south of Mazandaran Sea and Alborz mountain range. Climbing the mountain is not everyone’s job. You have to be a professional accountant to climb its high wall and its difficult path. If you are a rock climber and mountaineer, you will definitely enjoy seeing Alam Kooh. To go to Alamkuh, you must have mountaineering equipment. On the way to Alamkuh, there is something strange, spectacular and wonderful; Samavar Stone. So, what is a Samavar stone? A large boulder that is located vertically on the way to the summit of Alamkuh.


Samavar stone

Harijan village

Harigan or Harijan means Aryan land. Lush greenery has many sights. For example, you will see a narrow and high waterfall in which you will need to obtain a permit from the Department of the Environment to enter some parts of it. In other hand, this waterfall is protected. Also, there is the possibility of seeing wild animals on the way.


Harijan village

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