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Tange Boragh

Tange Boragh, called the beautiful valley of the North is a Tange Boragh village. In this strait we see the growth of plants and the formation of natural patios in the walls and cracks. The high-water river that flows in this valley flows into the Kerr River. The river cut the wall of the mountain and created a gap with vertical walls to a width of forty meters and about a hundred meters high in the mountain.

subsequently, There is a beautiful cave in the cliff wall on the side of the Tang Jap. It has a limestone origin, and the water from the ceiling drops rain to the floor of the cave. The walls and floors of the cave are covered with fur. Tange Boragh is one of the numerous Straits of Fars province, which is due to the causticity of the region with abundant water among the limestone layers of surrounding heights. This causes the dampness of most parts of the walls and water flooding. It is between the tight and create a beautiful and beautiful environment.

Tange BoraghWhere is Tange Boragh

The beautiful village of shiny Strait of the functions of the centennial section is located 80 km southwest of Eghlid in Fars province. The village from the north to the city of Abadeh, from the south to the counties of marvdasht and a view of the Karaj to the east of the city Lausanne, The Moth, and from the west to the lands of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad is limited. The village with natural landscapes, beautiful, unparalleled and amazing and with historical monuments. It is near it has become one of the tourist spots of Fars province.

consequently, The distance between Tange Boragh village to the city of Sadeh is 20 km, Eghlid 80 km and Shiraz 190 km.  Also, The village of shiny Strait is 1940 meters high above sea level and its climate is mild in spring and summer and cold in autumn and winter.

The Strait of Boragh name, the valley of beauty, near the village of the same name in 20 kilometers from the city of Centennial is a gorge among dense trees, the soul is soaring with the springs numerous, and the river roaring, and caves, more waterfalls, etc.  There are columns of calcareous suspended scenery exquisite and eye-catching there. Imagine the deep doors filled with lush trees and a river passes through it, or waterfalls fall down from the rocks, and a fountain of rocks boils. Is it not paradise itself here?

Whatever you need to know for a Tange Boragh trip:

Where’s the Tange Boragh?
spectacular doors
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Safety tips for a Tange Boragh visit
Best travel time to Tange Boragh
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consequently, Imagine the deep doors filled with lush trees and a river passes through it, or waterfalls fall down from the rocks, and a fountain of rocks boils. Undoubtedly, such a wonderful place has wonderful attractions for us humans. Chine glow that in the midst of the public to mistake the gorge, sleek, also called, with such features describe irrevocably can destination ideal for Bunk a day of … especially that cool  in seasons, warm summer could be the Citadel; a safe haven to escape from the scorching heat of the sun. Perhaps the verse “what blessed all have you alone”, from Shahriyar is the perfect definition for a It.

spectacular doors

Eqlid’s Tange Boragh is like a paradise that has found an earthly manifestation. This valley is one of the sights in the village of Tange Boragh. It goes the chorus that the fountain of that river Balengan is passing from the midst of it.  The rocks split and gaps with walls vertical to the width of forty meters and about a hundred meters high in the mountains there.

certainly, the Roaring River has gifted beautiful faces such as waterfalls, caves, elephant-like monsters and natural ponds.

Above all, The altitude of this valley is 1940 meters above sea level, and the altitude of its walls in some places reaches 300 meters. Likewise, On the left wall of the valley there is a beautiful limestone cave that drips water from its ceiling to the bottom as a drop.

certainly, The wet atmosphere of this cave and the Strait has caused the growth of moss on the rocks, which along with the vegetation and tree of this area have created a very beautiful and refreshing environment.

Tange Boragh waterfall

subsequently, Another beautiful effect is the Tange Boragh, its waterfall is about 40 meters high and flows into the water-filled ponds. The water of the dam sweeper passes through a shiny tight, and the end of it reaches a dead end with rocky walls. The upstream waters flow through a plain through a deep gap, creating this beautiful waterfall. Therefore, Mulla Sadra Lake is also located near a shiny narrow and 11 thousand hectares of almond cultivation in its steep lands has created a very attractive and spectacular atmosphere in the region. The spectacular and roaring waterfall of margoon, one of the most astounding waterfalls in Iran, is located near this place.

cramped stone

Above all, One of the other sights of the Tange Boragh village is its historical inscription. Also, shows the history of this place and is also considered as national monuments of the country. The inscription is written on a large stone with a diameter of two meters and shows Shapur; the shiny tight Sassanid King had chosen a place to relax.

certainly, On this stone, two writings are seen in the Sassanid and Parthian Pahlavi language. It is regarding the shooting skills of Shapur Shah.

tange boragh

Safety tips for a Tange Boragh visit

Therefore, Coats in the visit of the tight gloss, it is necessary to know is that the depth tang Boragh. Moreover, in some spots to 10 km it is but rocks, large under the water. Also, there is that jumping from the heights above it to the inside of the pond to something very dangerous turns. Likewise, This has already caused the death of several people.

Best travel time to Tange Boragh

Therefore, Spring and summer seasons go to the heart of nature. Also, enjoy the pleasant spring air and spend an unrepeatable holiday. If you decide to go into a shiny tight, the best suggested time is mid-spring to mid-September.

access track

If from the reading, describe the beauties of tight glossy interested that this beautiful valley and welcome weather see the … importantly, so waiting such a journey prepared for you and ready to go to the lap of nature, the beauty of the village, tight, sleek, in.

Through these paths you can reach the shiny tight:

Above all, If the city of Shiraz in Fars province intend to departure and start of the journey in mind. However, first must be yourself to the text field, then the path of the eighty km of Eghlid path century’s ago taken. Further, with over twenty kilometers from the yourself to the the rural called the Strait of glossy publicity. But if you have tuned the travel track from Yasuj, then you will reach the destination seventy kilometers from Yasuj road to Sepidan.

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