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Facts about Iran’s history

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Things and facts about Iran’s history

The culture of ancient Iran from the sixth century BC to the seventh century AD, had a profound influence on the East and its surroundings. The domination of the oral tradition of the transmission of knowledge among the ancient Persians caused most of what we know of these peoples to come to us from Greek and Roman historians. The works of these authors, along with the discovery of some evidence by archaeologists, help us to better understand the culture and heritage of the ancient Iranians.

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Invented the refrigerator and windbreak

First, in our ancient land, refrigerators were built and used before other climates. The Persians built dome-like structures out of pottery to store ice in the warm seasons and later to keep food fresh. The history of this glacier dates back to the time of Cyrus the Great or even earlier, but also to the ancient Elamite civilization. But the honor of inventing the first windmill undoubtedly goes to the Persians, which in turn led to the construction of a system for air conditioning in homes called windbreaks.

Faith in destiny

Another intellectual innovation of the Persians that has been ignored so far is the belief in fate and destiny. This idea originates from a branch of Zoroastrianism called “Zoroastrianism”. In this religion, “Zarwan” is considered the god of infinite time, and since no one can change his destiny with the help of hanging with time, man has no choice but to submit to his inevitable destiny. This idea has survived to this day through the poems of great people such as Ferdowsi and Khayyam and has penetrated into the literature of other nations.

Hospital letter delivery and establishment

The world’s first advanced letter-writing mechanism was established during the reign of Darius I. He set up a network of roads to facilitate travel and set up organizations to deliver letters to his vast land by chaparrals. These chaparrals were so committed to their duty that they did not hesitate during the mission and replaced their horses at the intermediate stations. Herodotus quotes that the motto of these correspondents was:

Whatever the weather conditions – snow, rain or unbearable heat and dark weather – they will never fail to complete their mission as quickly as possible. This is the unofficial slogan of the United States Postal Service since 1914. The first hospital was built during the reign of Shapur from the Sassanid dynasty next to Jundishapur University. Specialists and thinkers of all ethnicities were welcomed in this intellectual and cultural base with open arms. Jundishapur became the first educational hospital in the world during the reign of Khosrow, another Sassanid king.

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Persian gulf

The Persian Gulf contains 60% of the world’s oil reserves. Iran alone has 125 million barrels of oil reserves, which is equivalent to 10% of the world’s total reserves. Iran extracts about 4 million barrels of oil every day.

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Persian Gulf

Other achievements

Did you know: The first people who raised pets and used them to benefit were Iranians.
Did you know: The first people to discover copper were Iranians.
Did you know: The first people to discover a fire in the world were Iranians.
Did you know: The first people who started smelting metals were Iranians in the city of Silk around Kashan.
Did you know: The first people to discover agriculture for planting and harvesting were Iranians.
Did you know: The first people who discovered the thread and managed to spin it were Iranians.
Did you know: The first people in the world to mint coins were Iranians.

Did you know: The first people to discover glass and use it for homes were Iranians.
Did you know: The first people to discover coal were Iranians.
Did you know: The first people to discover the scale of objects were Iranians.
Did you know: The first people to realize the sphericity of the earth were Iranians.