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Iran the Wonderful Country

There are just few countries like Iran in all over the world which has all 4 natural elements together. This gift has caused a wide verity in climates  and its ecotourism making its visitors to avouch to its glory and say wonderful Iran.

Wonderful Iran is located in west Asia; it has all 4 natural elements to be a unique country in the world. These all natural elements has caused this variety of all kind of climates to be existed in Iran. So, we can enjoy wonderful unique natural attractions in all over Iran.

Golestan Nationl Park- Wonderful Iran

Golestan Nationl Park- Wonderful Iran

Great Mountains of Wonderful Iran

First, we can see the wonderful mountains from the north-west to the north-east known as Alborz Mountain contains Damavand with 5671 meter Height as the highest peak of wonderful Iran.

The other mountains from north-west to the west and central areas known as Zagros Mountain and we have also some individual central Mounts in the center of Iran located in desert areas, the east and south-east of Iran. Almost all the highest peaks of Alborz and Zagros mountains are snow-caped in all seasons.

damavand-irantour-wonderful Iran


Iran Deserts

The second natural element of wonderful Iran is its Central Deserts known as Lut Desert- the hottest area in the world and Dasht-e-Kavir the fantastic areas enchanting you with their warm quietness sunshine during the day light and other natural phenomena like Kalut– the mount shape elements, Nebka or Nabkha– the natural vases, the geometric shapes on the ground and the amazing dark-blue sky with thousands of thousand stars in your eyes that causes you not to fall asleep all the night.

Kalut-Lut Desert in Wonderful Iran

Kalut, Lut Desert in Kerman

Green Jungles in Wonderful Iran

The Jungles, the third natural elements of wonderful Iran includes the great massive green jungle from the north-west to the north-east which is stuck with the Caspian Sea and Alborz Mountains.

The other great jungle covers the west and southwest areas of Iran known as Oak jungle. The most wonderful jungle of Iran locates on the south of Iran in Qeshm Island in Persian Gulf. This mangrove Jungle known as Hara Forest is a unique natural phenomenon which vanishes by the effect of the moon at nights and appears again in the morning attracting thousands of visitors from Iran and many other countries.


Mangrove Forest in Qeshm Island in Iran

Mangrove Forest in Qeshm Island

Water attractions in wonderful Iran

The fourth natural element of wonderful Iran is the sea and water sources. Caspian Sea– the biggest lake in the world locates on its north side and Persian Gulf and Oman Sea on the south, the two rich sources of energy and wonderful natural attractions in Iran.


There are many beautiful lakes in salty and freshwater lakes in different sides of Iran welcoming the immigrant birds like Flamingos from cold northern areas of Russia. So, there are a wide opportunities to catch beautiful natural scenes for the interested photographers.

The most famous lakes of Iran are Urmia lake the largest salty lake in Middle-east locates on the northwest of Iran, Zarivar or Zaribar fresh lake in Kurdistan, Sabalan lake on the peak of Sabalan mount in northwest, Maharloo salty lake ( Pink Lake) in Fars province close to Shiraz, Parishan or Famoor fresh lake in Fars province in Kazeroon, Ovan fresh lake in Qazvin, Gahar fresh lake in Lorestan in west of Iran.

Persian Gulf- wonderful Iran

Persian Gulf- wonderful Iran

Wonderful Iran by its 4 natural elements as a unique country in the world is an amazing destination for those interested in nature and also the ecotourists and eager to make memorable moments in the fantastic natural attractions of Iran’ great mountains, enchanting deserts, beautiful seas and lakes and the massive and mangrove jungles. On the whole, I would like to suggest you the Iran tour packages , especially the Adventure Tour of Iran Destination Travel Agency. 

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