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Famous castles in iran

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Facts about famous castles in iran

Castles throughout history and even prehistoric times have played an important role in strengthening nations. Castles were usually guarded by governments along important roads or cities. In ancient times, castles were often built on impassable heights or rocky slopes, which served as a natural defense against enemies. Iran is no exception to this rule and has a large number of unique historical castles. In most cities of Iran, these historical castles can be found, most of which can be visited. Currently, many of the castles that can be visited in Iran are considered as valuable attractions in the field of tourism. In this article, let us introduce you to a list of the famous castles in Iran.

Falak ol aflak castle

The date of construction of Falak ol-Aflak castle dates back to the Sassanid era. This castle is located on top of the jaw hill of Lorestan province. The huge structure of this castle covers about 5300 square meters. The total height of the structure of this castle, especially the hill of the celestial spheres, reaches more than 40 meters above the surrounding lands.

Alamut castle

Although today only the ruins of this magnificent castle remain, but, once it was one of the magnificent castles of Iran, which was located in the mountainous region of Alamut in the south of Gilan province and near Rudbar. Alamut Fortress was not only an Iranian fortress to prevent the infiltration and repulse of enemy attacks, but also the magnificent and famous libraries of Alamut Fortress were a place for prominent scientists, theologians and philosophers.

Shush Castle

This magnificent and historic castle is located among the ruins of the ancient city of Susa, in Khuzestan province. This magnificent castle is similar to the palaces and buildings of medieval France. The castle and its various parts are well preserved; Susa Castle is a great example for the pre-modern era. This castle is one of the most attractive and famous castles on this list!

Famous castles in iran

Shush castle

Girl’s Castle

Dokhtar Castle, which is literally a girl’s castle, is a beautiful castle that is one of the oldest structures in the world as well as the castles of Iran. Dokhtar Castle is located in Firoozabad, Fars province. This fort was built in 209 AD, by the order of Ardeshir in the late Parthian period.

According to some stories and the name of this famous and historical Iranian castle, it is said that Dokhtar Castle was dedicated to Anahita, who is in fact a goddess in ancient Iran. Qala-e Dokhtar is one of the most spectacular and attractive tourist places in Fars province.

Babak Castle

This castle is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Iran. Babak Castle is located at the top of a mountain at an altitude of 2300 meters in the forests of Arasbaran. This fort is also known as the Eternal Fortress or the Republic Fortress and it is mentioned as a national symbol. The reason for these names is because of Babak Khorramdin’s heroic defense against the Arab invaders.

It is still possible to reach this amazing castle through the stairs that have been partially destroyed. Never miss the opportunity to visit Babak’s amazing castle!

Famous castles in iran

Babak castle

Roodkhan Castle

This medieval and historical castle, which is made of stone and brick, is in fact one of the few castles in Iran, which in addition to its magnificence and amazing structure, is located in the heart of a spectacular forest.

Magnificent castle or citadel of Bam

Bam Castle, better known as Bam Citadel, is the largest brick structure in the world, which was unfortunately destroyed in the 2003 Bam earthquake. It is one the most famous castles in iran. This Persian castle dates back to the beginning of the Achaemenid period and had a special position on the Silk Road. This magnificent citadel and castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and covers an area of ​​180,000 square meters.

Famous castles in iran

castle or citadel of Bam

Portuguese castle

This castle is one of the main tourist attractions of Hormoz Island. This red stone castle is one of the last remnants of the Portuguese colonial rule in the Persian Gulf. This building was built in 1507, when the island of Hormuz was an important maritime city and a small kingdom near the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

Rayen Castle or Citadel

The Rayen Castle is one of the largest brick buildings in the world. This magnificent castle is located 100 km from Kerman province. One of the features of Rayen Castle is its great resemblance to Bam Citadel. Upon entering the Rayen Castle site, you will notice that many of the components of this extremely historic castle are well preserved. This is while the date of construction of this castle dates back to about 1000 years ago.