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What Should I avoid in Iran?

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1) Don’t talk about politics, the important thing you need to know about Iranians is that they are nationalists. They don’t like others criticizing them, politicians or political figures. One thing you as a tourist should never do is talk about your opinion or perspective on the subject. Just try to listen and never get involved in these kinds of conversations.

iran tour2) Drinking alcohol is illegal, do not accompany you Iran is an Islamic country and there are restrictions on what you can drink or eat there. The point you need to know before traveling to Iran is that drinking alcohol is forbidden and illegal in the country. If your ideal trip is just about partying and drinking, then Iran is not your destination. Even if you find alcoholic beverages, always remember that it is illegal in the country and you can get in trouble if you get caught.

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3) Never say “Arabian Gulf” or “Gulf” is not just a name for Iranians. This relates to their history and identity, so it is important to avoid calling it the “Gulf” and especially the “Arabian Gulf.” Even ancient geographers such as Strabo and Ptolemy called this sea the Persian Gulf. However, in the 1960s, Iran’s Arab neighbors preferred the less unprecedented through the new “Arab Gulf” way. As Iranians say, this is the Persian Gulf “forever.” Iran Tour

4) Always exchange money at authorized offices Iran has been under international sanctions for years. Therefore, when traveling to Iran, you have to bring your cash. Since you cannot buy Rials (Iranian local currency) in other countries, it is necessary to exchange your minimum transfer amount and the first day of your stay when you arrive at the airport. There are different exchange rates in Iran, the government rate in banks is the lowest. It’s always better to exchange at licensed offices in the city, which offers a much higher rate. Iran Tour

5) Don’t check your PayPal account, one of the things you should avoid doing in Iran is checking your bank account or PayPal account when traveling to Iran. Due to sanctions, there are many restrictions on Iranian banks as well as Iranian citizens. Banks are not connected to the international banking system, and people face a lot of difficulties in receiving an international credit or debit card. So, if you go online to check your account, your bank will be able to track activity and identify the IP address. In this context, the bank stops being received from iran account, and may receive questions from your bank as soon as you return home. Iran Tour

6) Watch out for shaking hands with the opposite sex while some people may return a lukewarm napkin so as not to offend you, others are not so attentive that it can cause great embarrassment. Congratulations, but keep your hands on your side. If you’re a man, you shouldn’t wave to women and vice versa. Handshakes are only between men or between women, especially in public or public offices. If you’re photographing the opposite sex with an Iranian, don’t put your arm around them. Iran Tour

7) Don’t show public affection if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, you can stay away from Iran. If you want to be on the safe front in Iran, you should not show a public display of affection. That doesn’t mean don’t kiss, hug or put your arm on your beloved in public. While it is sometimes seen holding hands, it is not very common. Iran Tour

8) Before taking pictures of people or government buildings, ask permission to take pictures of government buildings very seriously and do not want to break them. Keep your camera away from the eyes of government buildings, including military sites, or any other place where you see the “No Photography” sign. Iran Tour

This is a strict law in the country and tourists should never do so so that there will be no problems. In addition, it is very easy to take pictures in Iran and is welcome everywhere when you want to take pictures of people you may want to ask for their permission. Whether it’s a conservative family or someone who likes to protect their privacy, it may happen that people don’t want to take pictures and maybe end up on social media. Iran Tour

9) Never, never ride with unbranded taxis Iran has good public transportation, reliable and most importantly cheap. However, when it comes to taxis, the story is a bit complicated. There are different taxis in the country: shuttle/private taxi (door), unregistered (personal) taxis, apps: tap c and snap and remote taxis (wireless). As a result, theoretically, any car can be a taxi, and it is normal for Iranian citizens to get in unofficial taxis. As a visitor, just consider certain taxis and if you walk down one of the streets, be sure to negotiate the price before entering the market. Today you can find apps like Snap or TapC. These apps are reliable and you can find information about drivers and cars in the app. Both programs have Persian and English versions. To use them, you must use a local SIM card (local phone number) Iran Tour

10) Don’t lift fingers Some movements and customs are not easily translated and can have different meanings from one country to another. The thumb gesture, which is very popular in the West, is one of them. When planning to travel to Iran, a person is likely to face a language barrier. But don’t feel tempted to consider something “good” or “good” by giving a thumb because in Iran, the move is offensive, roughly equivalent to giving someone a finger. While most Iranians are aware of the positive meaning of the thumb, to be in a safe place, don’t hand over the thumb. Iran Tour

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