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Iran is located in the western part of the vast continent of Asia and the center of the plateau that is today known as the Middle East. In the next article, we are going to give you a complete idea of this amazing land.

Persepolis , Persia

Persepolis , Aryans

Persia History , Where is Iran

Persia has a very rich luminous history, and its explanation in a few lines and paragraphs seems really impossible!

Its monuments date back over 4,000 years. This wonderful land called Iran on the historical documents, archaeological evidences and linguistic discoveries which has been known in the name of Persia in the world for many years  the international relations.

This Asian country is one of the most important lands in the Maranhalt and Mesopotamian civilizations that locates in the middle of Persian plateau. In general, Iran’s history is divided into two parts: pre-Islamic and post-Islamic, and each period has its own characteristics.

Pre-Islamic period is itself divided into three pre-Aryan periods, post-Aryan times and ancient time. Post-Islamic Period also came into being after Arabs’ war from that time Iran has witnessed profound political, social, religious and cultural changes that have had profound effects on it till now.

Falak Ol Aflak , Lorestan

Where is Iran; Geographical Situation

This ancient land is one of the most unique countries in terms of climate. The temperature difference in winter between the warmest and coldest parts which can sometimes reach more than 5 degrees.

In general, Iran locates in an area that is semi-arid in terms of rainfall. These different climates is also due to the mountains  and geological condition which capture the most rain in north, north-west and west of Iran and causes amayzing deserts in the center.

Iran Geological Situation , Where is Iran?

Iran Geological Situation

Weather and climate

As mentioned above, Iran is a vast country situated on a high plateau. The size of the country and its geographical location has made the climatic conditions of different cities, in other words, it is known as a country of four climates. The temperature changes in winter between the warmest and coldest points can sometimes reaches more than 50 degrees.

Regarding the amount of rainfall, Persia is one of the arid and semi-arid regions and cannot be called a water-rich country. Different cities, due to their location and proximity to the aforementioned areas, have temperate and humid climate, cold and mountainous, warm and humid and warm and dry.

Kurdistan , Zagross Mountain , Iran Destination

Economy and Religion

Iran is also one of the influencing countries in the United Nations, OPEC and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. And for its abundant oil and gas resources, plays an important role in international energy security and the global economy.

Islam is the official religion and the Shia religion is the official religion.

Yazd , Zoroastrian City

Iran Destination , Where is Iran

Persia has a special strategic position in the Middle East and in the Eurasian region and regarded as a bridge between East and West, as in ancient times an important part of the historic Silk Road had crossed Iran.

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