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How Iran Travel Visa Fee?

Citizens of all countries except Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belivi, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Ecuador) who wish to enter Iran required to obtain an Iran Travel Visa. Besides, Iranian visas issued in a variety of types, which will vary depending on the type of application and the travel conditions as well as the nationality of each individual. Moreover, in this article, we are going to fully describe how to get an Iranian visa and the required documents.

Iran Travel Visa price

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Types of Iran Travel Visa in terms of issuance

Iran, like most countries in the world, has two types of visas:


Iran Airport Visa:

This Iran Travel Visa issued to more than 70 countries around the world. Besides, it recommended that applicants who wish to obtain an Iranian visa take the necessary measures at least two days before their trip to avoid wasting time and expediting the issuance of visas.

In addition, these include completing the electronic visa application form and printing the visa consent form. Applicants for a visa can stay in Iran from one to 30 days depending on their nationality.


What countries can Nationals get this type of Iran Travel Visa?

Nationals of Azerbaijan, Albania, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, Austria, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Bahrain, Brazil, Bruneti, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portugal, Peru, Tajikistan Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, Denmark, Federative Russia, Romania, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, France, Palestine, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Croatia, South Korea, North Korea, Cuba, Kuwait, Georgia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Poland, Malaysia,  Hungary, Mongolia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Venezuela, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Greece, Tanzania, Oman, India can obtain an Iranian visa.


Iran Non-Airport Visa

All those who want to enter Iran required applying for an Iranian visa. Also, Iran Travel Visa issued airport for a number of countries. Besides, Nationals of these countries can apply for visas to avoid wasting time before their trip.

In addition, this type of visa, issued in two models of libel and paper, depends on the person’s presence at the consulate. In order to obtain a normal Iranian visa, you can apply for a flight through Iran Destination Travel Agency and get it in the earliest time.


Types of Iran Travel Visa in terms of application type


Iran Tourist Visa

  • Business Visa
  • Iranian Multi Visa (Multiple)
  • Ethnic Visa
  • Iran visa for U.S., Canadian and British nationals
  • Iran Pilgrimage Visa
  • Iranian Multiple Visa
  • Iran Medical Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Iranian Press Visa
  • Political visa or diplomatic visa of Iran


Iran Tourist Visa

Iran tourist visas issued to people who come to Iran for recreation and excursion. Besides, if the visa applicant in Iran has someone who sends him an invitation, the process of obtaining a tourist visa will be faster and more successful. Iran Travel Visa can be obtained both airport and normal. You should note that airport visas did not issue to nationals of the United States, Britain, Canada, Colombia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Somalia.


Validity period and how to extend Iran Travel Visa

Iran Travel Visa of Iran is valid for 3 months, meaning that you are able to enter Iran for up to 3 months after obtaining the visa. The duration of stay in Iran on a tourist visa is 30 days. Besides, of course, this visa can be extended 3 times for 30 days at a time. Also, except for citizens of the United States, Britain and Canada, the rest of the guest citizens can renew their visas three times each for one month.


Training Iran Travel Visa

In order to obtain a tourist visa in Iran, you must first note that the visa process will take between 1 and 3 business days through Iran Destination. Also, Thursdays and Fridays and official holidays in the Iranian calendar are the State Department’s holidays in Iran.

In addition, the appropriate time to apply for an Iran Travel Visa is 1 to 2 weeks before the flight.  Besides, in order to obtain a visa, you must first collect the documents we name below and hand it over to our visa experts and, after paying the specified amount, wait for the tracking code from Iran Destination.


Documents required for obtaining an Iran Travel Visa

  • Scan from the first page of the passport (600*800 pixels)
  • 400*600 pixels personnel photo scan
  • Complete the visa application form


Documents required for an Iranian business visa

  • Host specification form (including full company information and company manager)
  • Guest Profile Form
  • Scan from the first page of the passport
  • Personnel Photo Scan
  • Established advertisements and advertisements of the latest changes of the company


Iranian Multiple Visa

Multi-visa or multiple entry visas can only be obtained for people who travel to Iran on a business basis. Besides, this type of visa issued according to the number of trips and travel destinations of the applicant for a multi-visa in the past years and has different validities. Also, the validity of this type of visa varies depending on the foreign national’s country and the number of trips made between 3 months, 6 months to one year


Documents required for multi-Iranian visa:

  • Host specification form (including full company information and company manager)
  • Guest Profile Form
  • Scan from the first page of the passport
  • Personnel Photo Scan


Iran visa for U.S., UK and Canadian nationals

Nationals from the United States, The United Kingdom and Canada have special conditions for travel to Iran. Also, in order to obtain Iran Travel Visa, citizens of these countries must obtain an Iranian visa through travel agencies inside Iran and must have a specific tour schedule in advance. Also, accompany a leader tour approved by the tourism organization during the trip

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