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Daughter Castle

The Daughter Castle was built by Ardeshir Babakan (224-241 M) to protect the city and defend against the attack of Ardavan V, the last monarch of Ashkanian, over a mountain on Firoozabad road to Shiraz.

This building  is used as a military palace and fortress and it is called Daughter Castle due to incapability to access in it easily.

Firoozabad Daughter Castle

Daughter Castle’ Characteristics

This Daughter Castle is made entirely of coarse rocks and facade rocks, but the rocks of the pylons and inside the walls are made up of coarse rubble rocks. The central hall of the castle has been transformed into circular designs with domes, which are located on a square map.

The central courtyard and the hallway are from carcasses and gypsum plaster and there are some rooms in the courtyard. However, there are some connected rooms, guardrooms, corridors and water reservoirs that are drilled on the mountain and also, the secret ways in this castle.

Moreover, Daughter castle has a solid defensive fence that is regularly built in some parts ahead. In general, it can be said that the fortress is made up of three consecutive floors connected with the staircase tower.

Daughter Castle Dome

Daughter Castle Dome

Dome Architecture

The circular dome is considered to be a masterpiece of Sassanian architecture. The feature of this dome is to use the the triangles to bear the weight of this dome.

Anyway, the Roman architects have solved the problem of placing a circular roof on a quadrangle in corners by gradually moving stones or bricks in a continuously circular fashion, but in Firoozabad Daughter Castle, a new method of architecture was used, which is Use the ravine in the corners.

Sassanian Daughter Castel , Iran Destination Travel Agency

Sassanian Daughter Castel , Iran Destination Travel Agency

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